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Today I met with a woman who had worked in experiential marketing and it occured to me that so many experiential marketing companies are out of date with new marketing techniques. Only 18 months ago, I remember speaking to a local experiential marketing company and showing them how to incorporate social media into the mix. Really? Had they been sleeping under a rock? 

Fortunately for them, they were not alone, but I have noticed they have been using that free advice and have spruced up their efforts - big time! The old-fashion event gals and guys who started experiential marketing firms are being overtaken by more creative outfits like who have taken experiential marketing to a whole new level.
Thursday, 10 November 2011 18:50

Word of Mouth Marketing - Powerful

Yesterday, James Moran, the founder of James Moran Furniture, called to say hello. I haven't seen James for a little while as we have both been busy.

As the son of one of the most famous furniture family dynasty's in Australia (Moran Furniture), James Moran has one of the most stylish and professional showroom's in Australia and is currently selling into some of the largest retail chains select lines. Many of Toorak's great homes feature a James Moran Furniture couch and if you go down to the cinema's, chances are that in Gold Class you may be sitting in one of his designer chairs. Office fitouts for the uber trendy and professional are taken to a new level with a piece from James Moran Furniture and anyone who knows anything about furniture, can spot a James Moran Furniture piece a mile away.
marketing_01If you haven’t received a useful tip by now – you don’t know how 

41. Turn your invoice into a sales tool. Place a marketing message on the bottom with the latest special offer

42. Implement a loyalty program with your customers
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Writing a marketing strategy today, it dawned on me that not enough space is left on a marketing strategy for ‘word of mouth’ marketing.
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