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The Super Bowl is the Holy Grail for advertising and marketing agencies alike. Months and months of hard work all comes down to one night and one expensive ass :30 second time slot. That’s right the “BIG game” is not really about football it’s all about the commercials baby! So after a long Sunday night of drinking beer and eating endless amounts of Velveeta queso here is a recap of Marketing Eye Atlanta’s favorite Super Bowl 50 commercials and why:
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Four minutes. That’s how long it took for the first Twitter advertiser to bid on “power outage” as a search term after the lights went out at the New Orleans Superdome.

It also didn’t take long for cookie giant Oreo to respond to the now-infamous #superbowlblackout, spawning more than 13,000 re-tweets and nearly 5000 favourites.
The Superbowl is on and most of America is glued to their television screens. Madonna's performance was one of her best yet and the game is as thrilling as ever.

You have a problem with a client. They are unhappy and want to be attended to immediately. Do you take 10 minutes and ring the client or do you watch the superbowl knowing that 10 minutes out of the superbowl won't change your experience that much but what the heck... it's the superbowl?

That is the question. I know someone who chose the Superbowl and lost what could possibly be the most valuable client they ever had. Amazing where some people's priorities lie.

Millissah Smith, Atlanta.