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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 16:48

CFI Global/Denso - Technology | Scanner

CFI Global is an Australian wholesale distributor of DENSO scanners, QR code readers and printing technologies. They provide turnkey solutions for logistics and supply chain, retail, healthcare, events, security and hospitality industries and meet the client’s needs and budget. Marketing Eye has worked closely with CFI Global to develop a rebranding solution, which included a new brand logo and corresponding branding for all marketing collateral. The design and brand work we created, portrays an updated, modern take on CFI Global as a provider of cutting-edge technology in the scanning and IT industry. The collateral created also provides clients with a comprehensive coherent understanding of the services and products CFI Global provide.
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Yesterday I spoke with Instagram and Snapchat king, Jeremy Jauncey, for a story in the Marketing Eye Magazine. 

He talked about why pictures tell the story more so than any other format whether it is in one picture or through a video. 

I couldn't agree more. Looking at a picture, it does tell a thousand words.
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Friday, 23 August 2013 10:14

Saving 30% on Enterprise Print Management

When evaluating the marketing budget of our company, it became apparent that printing was a significant cost. As such, when it came to printing our custom published marketing magazine, it was time to do things a little differently. 

At first, my design department sourced quotes. They ranged from $18,000 up to $33,000 for exactly the same product. I was fine with paying $18,000 but not so fine to find my normal printers quotation significantly higher at $33,000. It literally had me stopping in my tracks and evaluating what I was doing and whether it was worth it.

Then, as if someone was looking down on me, a company was referred to Marketing Eye to do some of their marketing. It was an online print automation company that specialises in reducing the cost of printing so that marketing departments can reinvest the savings back into their marketing campaigns. I personally worked on this account because I was interested in seeing what they did differently. In the end, I became as passionate about their business, as they became of ours. On top of that, they saved us 45% of our printing costs.

Today, I thought I would give the founder of this business, Mark Alioto a call to talk about what they do differently at ECM.
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