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Developing the skills and performance of a marketing manager who may lack common sense can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Here are ten tips to guide this process:

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Performance reviews play a vital role in evaluating and fostering the growth of marketing managers. These assessments provide an opportunity to recognize achievements, identify areas for improvement, and align goals with organizational objectives. It’s imperative to know best practices for conducting performance reviews on marketing managers before inviting a team member to be reviewed. By asking relevant questions, analyzing performance metrics, discussing compensation considerations, and fostering open communication, organizations can optimize the review process and ensure the development and success of their marketing teams.

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Businesses across industries are trained to tackle different problems daily. Employees inherit problem solving skills; however, they may approach issues in diverse methods. Similarly, accounting firms face a unique set of challenges that they must overcome head on to achieve their business goals.

A growth mindset is the idea that you view challenges as something to overcome. You view any obstacle as something to learn from, something that you can defeat with hard work. The idea behind a growth mindset is that by virtue of seeing challenges and failures as learning opportunities and chances to improve, you increase the likelihood of success by believing that you can overcome the obstacle. If you fail at something you may just give up and never try again, but if you see it as something that you can beat with enough work then you will want to try again until you succeed.

It's a remarkable feat to be successful by anyone's definition, especially your own. I always find that the hardest markers are ourselves. We tend to be most critical of what we do, how we do it and what outcomes derive from the fruits of our labor. 

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Friday, 01 September 2017 09:16

The cut-throat world of marketing performance

Ultimately companies are looking for two things; increase their brand awareness and more sales. The role that marketing plays in this is pivotal, and as we move closer to understanding marketing analytics across the entire spectrum of marketing, we are realizing that marketing performance is not only getting more cut-throat, and precise, with amateur or lazy marketers being caught out - but it is also getting more 'real'.
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If you run a marketing team, you will realise a few things; firstly that no marketing team can be all the same, and secondly, a mixture of personalities and skills is required for optimum performance. When choosing a team, it's best to steer away from selecting people just like you, or like another person who you rate as being a good marketer on your team. The reason is simple; a strong, competent, successful marketing team has to have a mixture of personalities that collaborate, support, encourage, nurture and push each other to reach their full potential both individually and as a team.

While this may seem idealistic, it's a reality for any competent marketing manager who has the 'balls' to think outside the box when they are putting together a team of people to take a company to the next level.
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Thursday, 22 December 2016 12:35

How to create an energetic office culture

What is there to not love about America? I am blessed with a life of travelling backwards and forwards from Australia to Atlanta, meeting amazing people and having a team of individuals in my office that are very talented and uber cool.
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Data has played a vital role in turning marketing from an art into a science and now there’s more than ever. It can be difficult to know what statistics you should be paying attention to and how to use them. So how do you know your website is performing? What can you do to improve it? Here is Marketing Eye’s quick guide to Google Analytics statistics and how to use them to improve your online marketing.

The most important thing you need to understand about Google Analytics Stats is that no singular statistic will tell you everything. The key to making informed decisions is looking at several statistics to form a more complete picture of your online marketing, and compare this to your strategy to see if you are on the right path. If you’re getting all your traffic from Twitter, but no one is buying your products, maybe you need to rethink your social media strategy.
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Thursday, 11 February 2016 12:22

What to do BEFORE you interview

Receiving a call for an interview often triggers such mixed emotions. You are bubbling with excitement because you have an interview! Simultaneously however, you are overflowing with nerves because, oh dear, you have an interview. The best way to enhance your performance in an interview is being prepared before you even walk in the door.
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