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Logistix Contractors his a premiere Logistics and Supply Chain firms in the greater Atlanta area. Logistix Contractors creative ways to help retailers, manufacturers and eCommerce companies get their products where they need to be seamlessly, efficiently and easily. Marketing Eye helped Logistix Contractors create a new website for the new business expansion of their supply chain business.

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Techquidation is a technology innovator that provides tailored technology solutions to retail and mobile users. Techquidation's solutions are custom-tailored to fit the needs of their clients, taking the time to understand the business, the processes, and the challenges their clients are facing. Techquidation's in-depth, consultative approach allows them to solve the problems your company is facing. 

Marketing Eye has worked with Techquidation to update marketing collateral and increase brand awareness to better communicate their unique solutions. Our team developed brochures, flyers, sales decks, and a couple of EDM campaigns to focus on increasing brand awareness and improving their sales process. Marketing Eye is currently working on developing a new website for Techquidation, improving the overall layout and design, as well as the messaging, keywords, and SEO of web copy. 

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Monday, 13 April 2020 14:47

Strategy To Revenue - Sales Enablement

Strategy to Revenue empowers organizations to unleash the full potential of their sales teams: significantly improving their commercial performance, transforming their businesses, and accelerating the time it takes to turn their strategy to revenue. Strategy to Revenue is committed to transforming the performance and productivity of the sales team through improved sales enablement processes and elevated coaching methods. Strategy to Revenue believes that organizations have to adapt to thrive in a constantly changing sales environment.

Marketing Eye has worked with Strategy to Revenue to further aid in sales and awareness by creating email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and blog content to establish thought leadership and generate engagement. 


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Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. is an international freight forwarder that enables companies to respond to global opportunities, connect with new suppliers and customers, and leverage creative shipping solutions that take the complexity out of doing business globally. Sobel provides world-class, turnkey shipping solutions that optimize the shipping process while saving their clients time and money along the way. Sobel provided excellent services, but they needed the appropriate branding and positioning to establish them as a thought leader in the shipping and logistics industry. Most of all, Sobel needed an updated website that reflected their services, expertise, and modern approach to logistics solutions. Sobel partnered with Marketing Eye to make that happen. 

Marketing Eye developed a marketing strategy for Sobel to identify their challenges and pain points, allowing our team to develop a deeper understanding of who Sobel is and who they are trying to reach. Marketing Eye worked with Sobel to recreate their current sales deck and sales presentations, giving them a professional and modern style that captured the eye. After that, our team began to develop a plan for their website, rewriting copy, updating the design, and completely redeveloping the entire site itself. Sobel's new website is a modern take on their years of experience, showing their clients exactly how they operate in the complex industry of logistics. When Sobel opened their offices in Chicago and Miami, Marketing Eye leveraged their media relationships to get the appropriate media coverage with a published interview as an appearance from CEO Brian Wills on a major logistics podcast. Marketing Eye continues to develop weekly blog content and social content to continue to build Sobel's brand identity. 

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Monday, 23 March 2020 16:27

Arista Consulting Group - Consulting

Arista Consulting Group creates custom benefits solutions designed to increase retention, accelerate recruitment, and reduce costs. Arista's retirement and benefits solutions meet the needs of AEC firms and school systems across the country, providing a dynamic, dependable, and simplified benefits solution for the workforce in these industries. At Arista, they believe in the power of financial security and what it can do for the productivity and profitability of an organization. Arista needed a marketing partner to provide marketing support through brand messaging, brand positioning, marketing collateral, and EDM campaigns. 

Marketing Eye began by focusing on several brochures and other marketing collateral pieces before developing strategic EDM campaigns, focusing on generating sales and brand awareness. Because Arista works within the AEC and K-12 school spaces, Marketing Eye worked to provide a deeper focus and more specific keys to the brand messaging. Our team has worked to develop a stronger brand for Arista to develop better customer relationships and more conversions in the future. With our marketing consultancy services, Arista had an opportunity to generate more specific, targeted brand messaging, allowing them to provides services with a professional and modern tone. 

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Monday, 23 March 2020 16:15

Rep-Lite - Medical Device - Sales

Rep-Lite provides medical manufacturer support services to help address challenges that industry professionals continue to face in the medical supply industry. Marketing Eye worked with Rep-Lite to complete redesign their website to give it an modern and sleek feel to make it easier to convey their overall brand message.

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Thursday, 12 March 2020 10:04

Everylogistic - Logistics has revolutionised the way suppliers and customers deal and interact with one another. Whether you are a supplier seeking leads or a customer needing to send freight, Everylogistics has an easy solution for you. They have created a simple way for suppliers to drive business for a fraction of the price spent on standard marketing initiatives. Everylogistics has developed a way customers can obtain competitive freight quotes, all at the click of a button. Marketing Eye worked with Everylogistics to capitalize on their new business model with new branding and website to help propel their business.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 17:28

McCredie - Retail - Project Management

McCredie Group specialize in the seamless delivery of retail and business projects with expertise in project management, design documentation and cost management solutions. With 90 years of industry experience, they provide expert advice for the construction and retail sectors.  Marketing Eye was engaged by McCredie Group to design and develop their new website. This website has been the key to a successful digital presence in their marketing strategy with McCredie Group being able to showcase their projects and communicate their positioning clearly to clients. This was also made possible because of the key messaging that Marketing Eye developed in the initial marketing strategy stage.

In order to develop themselves as a strong leader in the industry, Marketing Eye developed a billboard campaign and information brochures that were on brand.

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Abbott Storage Systems provide turnkey storage solutions to the commercial and industrial market. Marketing Eye worked with Abbott to modernize their collateral to keep with needs of their clients and growing business.
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Tuesday, 06 August 2019 09:51

Basics of Business Blogging

Attracting legitimate customers will take time and effort. We’re talking about the type of customers who genuinely want to incorporate your brand into their lives, and quite possibly, stay for the long haul. Fortunately, a great time and place to begin is today in the exact spot where you’re sitting.

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