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Tuesday, 04 August 2020 17:23

C.L. Services - Logistics

C.L Services is an established 3PL supply chain service, based in Atlanta, Georgia, with a competitive edge, their trademarked Prosponsive® logistics. Having been around for more than two decades, C.L. Services prides itself on its unique approach to 3PL services. Strong relationships, quality customer care, and leading TMS technology have led C.L. Services to become the trusted partner for freight management services.

Marketing Eye utilised its competitive advantage and created brand awareness through the creation of EDM, newsletters, and brochures. As part of the marketing strategy designed by the outsourced marketing department, C.L Services website was also repaired, and their social media channels were regularly updated to reflect the brand’s perspective.

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Logistix Contractors his a premiere Logistics and Supply Chain firms in the greater Atlanta area. Logistix Contractors creative ways to help retailers, manufacturers and eCommerce companies get their products where they need to be seamlessly, efficiently and easily. Marketing Eye helped Logistix Contractors create a new website for the new business expansion of their supply chain business.

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