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Incredible sales teams have a lot in common just like the one's that don't perform, but there are some sure ways to get your sales pumping in the next quarter just by making a few changes.
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Thursday, 02 February 2017 15:25

Walk Before You Run

Do you currently have a solid sales process in effect? If not, it might be time to examine your sales and pipeline process. Far too often we see businesses have great marketing and lead generation success, but end up with no real customers. Fortunately, we are going to examine what a proper sales process looks like and how it can feed your lead generation and lead conversion rates.
Tuesday, 28 April 2015 00:00

The inside sales script that kicks ass

“It usually takes me three weeks to write a good impromptu speech,” wrote Mark Twain with a twinkle in his eye and his tongue in cheek. However, for all his great wit, he probably wasn’t joking. The best speeches you’ve ever heard were meticulously scripted and rehearsed before they were delivered with that engaging element of panache that keeps you hooked.

Politicians, motivational speakers and even inside sales rep need a good script  and a dynamic script will ensure you have every base covered, including lapses of knowledge, any objections you may counter and a deep understanding and awareness of the product.
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Tuesday, 07 April 2015 00:00

What makes an inside sales rep tick

The inside sales force is growing around the world and it is imperative that all businesses think about hiring their own representative. A top inside sales role model will take the reins and drive your business forward.

Marketing Eye looks at the best traits and habits of successful inside sales reps (or ISRs of you are into the whole abbreviation thing).
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We are currently looking for a driven individual to fill an inside sales position in our Atlanta office. This means having an entrepreneurial spirit and a go-getter attitude along with strong communication skills and professionalism.

We need someone who has the passion to make a positive difference in a business and believes in our model of changing the way SMBs do marketing.
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Atlanta Inside Sales Executive Tayler Bridger is a complete rockstar.

Month one of her newly appointed inside sales position in the Marketing Eye Melbourne, Australia office, she has achieved a huge milestone; $128,000 worth of sales. I am thrilled. For years I have been letting sales fall to the wayside because we were not able to get back to all of the leads that came through our website. There simply were not enough hours in the day. But that changed.
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