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Friday, 23 October 2020 14:33

How to Prepare for the Future of Marketing

What does the future of marketing look like? The marketing industry is constantly changing in the face of several different challenges, and marketers should be prepared to change with it. Staying ahead of trends is never an easy job, but it makes a huge difference in preparing for the future. As we begin to transition into a 2021 state-of-mind, take the time to establish what your marketing priorities should be and what steps you can take to meet each priority in the years to come.

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Marketing Eye's journey over the past few years has hit some major milestones as the business heads into a future rich with possibility.

Despite our  rough expansion into the US; we set up ‘part-time’ and employed a few people who were left to their own devices, the road has cleared and we are looking forward with enthusiasm. 
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Although I am very young, that in no way represents limited capabilities. Sure, with age comes responsibility, experience and wisdom, but for me drive and ambition are inherent. And this is true of many other millennials I know.

I am not saying that Gen Y make better employees or leaders, all I’m saying is that they should not be disregarded when their date of birth is revealed. It is cliché to say ‘age is just a number’ but in many cases, this stands true.
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