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The horrific collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge has such a devastating effect on the Maryland community. We work closely with a local Baltimore company and upon hearing the news, immediately felt the need to reach out and let the community of Baltimore know that everyone is thinking about them, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected. We cannot imagine what it is like for the families and loved ones of the six people still missing after a cargo ship struck the bridge early Tuesday morning, and those who have already been rescued.

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Marketing Eye's  Melissa Sharp attended
Media Social recently, a Sydney-based event which brings together some of the country’s best and brightest marketing managers to share their views and experiences.

Melissa gave me a run down of the event and the presentations she found most inspiring.
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Wednesday, 05 November 2014 00:00

5 ways to rebuild trust in your brand and image

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Who we are or what we perceive ourselves to be sometimes does not align with the perception that others have of us. This is true of brand, business and personal image. Take a look at the rigour with which certain ethnic groups have been scrutinized this year. Due to circumstances beyond their control, they have been vilified, put upon and generally admonished just for being who they are.

For moderate Muslims, Islamic State is causing an identity catastrophe. They are in crisis management and it seems, at this point, there is no way back.

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