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A simple conversation can lead to anything. Literally, anything.

Like many entrepreneurs, gravitating to other entrepreneurs or business people is natural. Talking to a Neurosurgeon is not.

"It's not brain surgery" is one of my favorite sayings. The other, "it's not rocket science". It seems quite apt that I find myself in conversation with a neurosurgeon, whose gene pool is only bolstered by the fact his father is a rocket scientist.  Was I intimidated. Hell yes! But how impressed I was to be having such an intriguing and relevant conversation with a neurosurgeon, was only interrupted by moments of wanting to be opportunistic. I had to literally stop myself asking if a sperm donation was a point I could include in the discussion. Now, what single woman wouldn't want to have a child with this gene pool?

Nevertheless, when I pulled myself together, I realized the synergies between business and neurosurgery isn't actually poles apart and much closer than one would think. As a marketer, we have certainly learnt a lot from neuroscience and consumer behaviour, but the outlook of how a surgeon views what they do, was what struck me as being something every entrepreneur can learn from.
Yesterday I learnt that my reference to Hot Atlanta is actually not meant to be Hot Atlanta but in fact, Hotlanta. 

Here I am going around thinking I am uber cool using Hot Atlanta as reference to the city that I have come to love, all while everyone else desperately wants to correct me, but don't. Possibly because they feel sorry for my constant need to become more familiar with American terms and sayings to help me fit in a bit better and feel like I am really part of the crowd.

Unfortunately, that's not my only failed attempt at "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". At a launch party for Hublot and Ferrari last night at Buckhead's hottest bar, Yebo, I remember walking outside at 9pm and thinking how amazing it was that it was still light, after totally missing an entire thunderstorm with lightning as I was having a fabulous time. Everyone in sync began to tell me how "nasty" the weather had been. Really nasty!!!! I laughed and repeated it to them trying desperately to mimmick their accents.
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 15:35

It's time to settle down

I don't know about you, but I am exhausted. It's only April and already my migraine has set in and isn't about to subside - unless of course, I make some hard decisions.

Business expansion has been exhilarating, hard work, fulfilling, adventurous, rewarding and above all, something that I am proud to say that I have made the steps to do. There is still a long way to go and the road looks very long, windy with ups and downs going far into the distance. Hopefully, I will pick up some hitchhikers along the way to keep me company and that the car will be full of people all wanting to head in the same direction. No doubt, there will be people who will want to get out along the way and those who will feel car sick but then, miraculously, they will get over it and start enjoying the scenery and the ride.

Never for a moment have I been mistaken that this is not going to test me and every single person in my team. It singularly has been the bravest thing I have ever done and although I am a person who sticks to a plan, I never imagined for a minute that I would be living in Atlanta, in a hotel room, desperately wishing that I was home in my comfy bed with my Maltese Schnauzer, Pip, perched beside me. Nor would I imagine that I would leave her for long periods of time in the care of another.

Starbucks isn't my favourite coffee blend

It's funny, this morning I wished I had a jar of vegemite beside me and coffee that didn't come in a Starbucks cup. Vegemite reminds me of home and I have deliberately not brought it with me for the journey so that I open a new chapter without being so glued to the past that I can't get out of my normal routine. It's the lack of comforts that somehow gets me through.

Do you have plans to grow your business in the next 12 months? If you do, then we should talk.

There are many compelling reasons why businesses don’t achieve their goals; finance, people and marketing to name a few.

In the past 12 months, my business has embarked on global expansion. In that time, I personally have gone through everything from over the top excitement in signing a new deal, to dreading opening my emails - just in case something doesn’t go to plan. It’s part of the journey of any entrepreneur or businessperson that is on a high growth path and willing to take a risk.
It was opportune that I met with Jennifer Guarton from Atlanta Business Chronicle last week because without her, I would not have been sitting at this morning's 2013 Eggs and Issues Breakfast.

My belief is that you cannot market to a market you don't understand. While marketers tend to understand the psychology of why people buy, they can often be caught out by glazing over the state of the economy and not understanding both Government influence and Economic  conditions in regions in which they market.
Friday, 11 January 2013 11:07

How to open your business in a new city

To say that I have had the amazing week ever is an understatement. I have met with the most giving, kind and thoughtful people this week by accident, coincidence or by sheer luck.

As most of you would be aware, Marketing Eye Atlanta is now full speed ahead. We are working with small businesses in Atlanta and surrounding cities in Georgia to help grow their businesses by providing an outsourced marketing department capable of identifying marketing needs in their businesses and leveraging our creativity and marketing talents to take them to new heights.

I have been dipping my toes personally in Atlanta for the past 12 months and late last year, started employing talented marketers to start building the business and identifying companies that would benefit from Marketing Eye's services.

Up until this week, I have been travelling backwards and forwards to Atlanta thanks to Qantas and the comforts they provide, and speaking with businesses in the area. Now, with my feet firmly on the ground, its time to really get this business in motion and start making inroads into becoming Atlanta's number one small business marketing firm.

Well, to say we are off to a good start is an understatement. 13 clients and/or very hot leads in 4 days isn't a bad outcome. I never dreamt that the uptake would be so good. But there has been a few things along the way that have helped us out.

They are:
Monday, 10 December 2012 22:07

Welcoming Lisa Homa

Atlanta entrepreneurs stand to gain additional insights on business growth and small business marketing through Marketing Eye’s new recruit, Lisa Homa.

The experienced marketing consultant has joined the Atlanta team, bringing to the role extensive knowledge in the advertising, finance, IT, human resources and research industries.

She previously held roles at global advertising giant Clemenger Group and also gained international exposure through her previous corporate and boutique work in Australia and the UK.

As Marketing Eye’s dynamic consultant, Lisa will work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to help Atlanta’s small- and medium-sized businesses boost their success and experience exponential growth.
Published in Marketing
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 16:08

Why people buy from you

With 2013 fast on approach, we have been spending hours upon hours researching the latest sales and marketing techniques, opinions, case studies and brands.

It's a great time of year because through this research we are exposed to other companies successes and at times failures - all while thinking about what more we can do for our clients.
A marketing consultant is not necessarily a marketing consultant.

From one to another, they are completely different. Some have great skills in strategy, others in tactical development and execution of marketing plans. Some are great at communicating but not fully across social media or what role advertising plays in the digital age.

In the past year, I have travelled the world talking to marketers and each one has something different to offer. They all have honed their skills in one area or another.

I first started my involvement in the marketing industry 21 years ago at an advertising agency that was quite small. I remember watching the owner of the business operate and being completely fascinated by his skills and creativity. He had started his career as a window dresser for a big retailer and way back in the early nineties was making more than a million dollars profit out of 5-man agency. Incredible.
Today, I learnt that I am not average. No, seriously. Really, I am not average. Well, at least on Twitter I am not average because the average Twitter user has only 126 followers. In total, Marketing Eye has 14, 061 with two accounts. One that focuses on the Australian market and the other that focuses on the US market with an emphasis on Atlanta, Georgia.

There is nothing wrong with being average may I add, but as a business that is focused on helping other small businesses grow, it is important that Marketing Eye stand out from the crowd. Average is not an option. The same as everyone else, is also not applicable. For Marketing Eye, we have to be outstanding at everything.
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