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Friday, 12 June 2015 18:32

How to hire your next leader

For six months we searched for a VP of Marketing to run our Atlanta operations, and after searching Australia, US and UK/Europe we found Shara Atkinson. She is from Atlanta but for the past 10 years has lived in the UK. 

Hiring Shara has been a game-changer. Prior to her appointment, I was overseeing the US market and managed staff from afar. Let me share with you, "it's not the best idea". Running a new company remotely is very hard. It's easy for Marketing Eye to get business, but hard to keep employees and train them from a different continent.
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When asked today what I think a Marketing Executive would need to have that they may not have needed a few years ago, my answer was simple. "A Marketing Executive must be a social media expert."
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Marketing Eye is an international business. With our expansion to Atlanta and then other locations throughout the US, we had to really think about what our organizational structure was going to be like moving forward. After a lot of investigation, and research, we decided to work as a flat organizational structure and give people the power to make important business decisions.
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Every Friday is different. Some days we are so busy, we can't scratch ourselves. Other's we are creating great brands, and needing to free ourselves from the shackles of everyday work life and think outside the square. 

Our environment is transformative. I say this because each of our offices has their own unique personalities. They seem to encompass the culture that has fostered from an environment free of layered management and flat in structure.
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I live my life through two time zones; Melbourne, Australia, and Atlanta, Georgia. No matter where I am at any given time, these are the two time zones I consider most as I go about my daily life.

We have now been in the Atlanta for a few years, and have recently attracted a top-notch international marketer to our fold. She will head up our Georgian operations and with her 20 plus years experience, will bring much to the table. 

When thinking about how her onboarding should look, I have taken time to reflect and get feedback from others in the organization as to how we should embark upon onboarding our new senior manager. 

There have been a number of trains of thought, namely around giving her the freedom to work in an environment that is shaped by Marketing Eye, but not "owned" by it. We don't want to stiffle her creativity or what she may bring to the table. Instead, we want to encourage her to use her wealth of experience particularly in the technology space and help our clients reach the next level.

Marketing Eye has a methodology on how we work with clients. That's unchangeable. It's what we have built our business on. But its the grey areas around it that we are most open to providing freedom for marketing managers to explore their own experiences and catalogue of skills to take us further away from anything that our competitors could possibly offer.

We feel innovative. If you asked any employee at Marketing Eye, they would say this is the cornerstone of our business. But so often people get busy working that they don't have the time to think about the business side of things.

It's so important that we utilize this opportunity to do just that. By providing a framework and the ingredients and support to take the local Atlanta based business to the next level is important. 

She will have a blank canvas but with paint and a brush to express her creative flair. I can't wait to see what's next for Marketing Eye Atlanta and share it with you all.
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We are currently looking for a driven individual to fill an inside sales position in our Atlanta office. This means having an entrepreneurial spirit and a go-getter attitude along with strong communication skills and professionalism.

We need someone who has the passion to make a positive difference in a business and believes in our model of changing the way SMBs do marketing.
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Like many companies, Marketing Eye is about to embark on a PR campaign to communicate to the wider audience our expansion plans for the US market. 

With new recruit, Marketing Manager Chanta Waller, having taken up the post in our Atlanta office, we have spent a few minutes brainstorming our media release.

Is it newsworthy enough? Who should it go to? What variations should we do? What are our expected outcomes?
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Saturday, 28 February 2015 00:00

Why job interviews are a two-way street

It's Saturday and as reluctant as Brandon Reviere and myself are to be working away in the office, we both have decided that this is what we needed to do to find the next 'Marketing Eye'.

Brandon is our incredibly talented Art Director in Atlanta and is instrumental in deciding who the two new team members in the Atlanta office are going to be.

We have done a few interviews over the past day, and there are a few things that we both would love to share.

Interviews are a two-way street

If you have taken the time to come to a job interview, be prepared. As much as you want to learn about us, we want to learn about you. "By the questions you ask, you learn more about the company and yourself than about the interviewee," says Brandon Reviere. "You find out what you want in that person and how your company presents itself."
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Friday, 27 February 2015 00:00

Why I am excited about being back in Atlanta

I flew from Australia with one of my closest friends Samantha. We have done this trip many times, but have flown singularly for the past year or so. The trip was awesome as we were able to catch up properly, watch some 'girly' television downloaded on my ipad and have a few giggles. It's what girls do when they get together.
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It's no secret that Marketing Eye is on an aggressive growth path. During the past 2 years, there has been a surgence in companies realizing that they need an outsourced marketing department to take their businesses to the next level.

Our positioning in the market, and evidence of high quality work and client successes, has kept us in good stead.
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