Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy, just minutes away

Developing a marketing strategy ensures that your company is 414% more likely to reach your business goals.

Not only will the marketing strategy align to business and sales goals, but it will also help keep your team and any third-party marketing agency or freelancer on the right track.

Alignment of your brand, key messages and unique value proposition is key to leveraging marketing tactics to generate demand for your product or service.

Marketing Eye’s marketing strategy service is world-class. We are leaders in marketing strategy consulting and work with some of the world’s biggest (and smallest) companies to develop powerful, results driven marketing strategies and marketing plans.

Our solution is simple:

  • Onboard you and your team to the Robotic Marketer platform: fill in administrative information to ensure that our team is abreast of what your company is about and what you are hoping to achieve out of the marketing function in your business.

  • Conduct a 2-3 hour marketing workshop: Invite key stakeholders to a powerful marketing workshop full of discovery, consultation and idea generation.

  • Development of a comprehensive 50 page marketing strategy: Expect to see a marketing strategy that deep dives into competitor landscape, understands your customer and delivers a blueprint to the marketing tactics that will deliver the best results based on budget, resources and capability.

  • Onboarding to digital dashboard: Manage the entire performance of your marketing strategy in one place with full view of your competitors digital presence, content areas to explore and influencers.

  • Implementation plan: With the marketing plan, your company is a further 426% more likely to achieve goals. The 12 month implementation plan easily integrated into project management software and will ensure you can easily allocate resources and budget.

Get started today with a marketing strategy by Marketing Eye’s professional marketing consulting team.

Comprehensive marketing strategy development, implementation planner and 12 month digital dashboard access

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