Jobs At Marketing Eye

Jobs At Marketing Eye

Jobs like this don't come everyday

What does a job at Marketing Eye Atlanta look like?

Marketing Eye Atlanta is an innovative, forward-thinking marketing agency where every member of the team encourages each other to be go-getters, think outside of the box, and to make a significant impact in the marketing industry.

Who We're Hiring

At Marketing Eye Atlanta, we employ many different disciplines including CMO, Marketing Managers, Marketing Executives, Graphic Designers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Branding Experts, Journalists, Public Relations experts, Marketing Interns, Copywriters, Editors, and Photo Editors.

What Does It Take To Work At Marketing Eye Atlanta?

We look for the type of people who think of this part of their career path as a necessary step to achieving their end goal. At Marketing Eye Atlanta, we like to develop our team. It is essential that the right person for the job is someone who continously seeks improvement in themself and strives for excellence.


No matter what role you applied for, Marketing Eye Atlanta is a team of self-starters. Being a self-starter means that you are independent, you always do your best, and you continously think of ways to improve.


To us, honesty is everything. Whether it is what you say during the job interview or to other employees and clients, being honest is a big part of Marketing Eye Atlanta's values. Above all, we always encourage each other to be honest with ourselves.


In order to get the best out of each other and ourselves, we believe being surrounded by positive people. As a part of Marketing Eye Atlanta's team, your happiness is everything. We know how important it is that every experience you have brings the best in you.

I came to Marketing Eye in order to expand my knowledge in Graphics and gain valuable manager experience. I have been fortunate to work closely with the founder of the company Mellissah Smith. As a result, I learn a tremendous amount every day. Each work day presents a new, exciting challenge. The environment promotes critical thinking and creative enterprise as well as personal and professional. Kris Poposki Graphic Designer
Marketing Eye breeds a culture of teamwork, building each other up as a team and backing their employees. They strongly believe in investing and developing their employees which to me, is an invaluable quality. Ethan Perry Marketing Executive
With no day the same, Marketing Eye is somewhere that is exciting, forward-thinking and engaging to work. With upper management invested in staff and their careers support is a major pillar of the culture here. Lewis Lambert Visual Marketer