Marketing Eye
An innovative headhunter knows exactly what lounge accountants and financial officers want to be sitting in, when they are looking for a departure.

Australia’s first, departurelounge for candidates looking to seek new career opportunities, will be launched in September 2007.

The firm headed by Tammy Frame, a 32 year old entrepreneur with a background in accounting and head-hunting, is set to become the hottest lounge in town for Sydney’s financial set.

Marketing Eye has developed the branding for mydeparturelounge and its unique concept.

“Marketing Eye Atlanta is very excited to be developing with the team at mydeparturelounge, a new brand that is so unique in concept, that it will revoluntionarise the way people choose to leave their employ,” said Mellissah Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Eye.

“For once, a firm realizes it’s really about people and what they want now and in the future.

“Letting them sit down, relax, soak in the atmosphere, then hop right on the next flight that is going to take them to a destination they want to head.

“Not forcing them on a flight, they don’t want to take.”

Marketing Eye has developed mydeparturelounge’s brand, advertising design, and stationery.