Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye will support the Victorian Bushfire Appeal by giving 10% of the firm’s new billings in the next two months to support victims who have lost lives and their homes.

Through the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal Fund, Marketing Eye’s contribution as a small business will provide valuable funds for those that have lost their homes and families in the worst bushfires Australia has ever seen.

“It is important that everyone supports this cause and even though it is difficult financial times, the reality is that there are people out there doing it tougher because of this disaster,” said Mellissah Smith, CEO, Marketing Eye.

“Whatever we can give, we will because people have lost their lives and don’t have homes to return to.

“We are urging our clients, staff and friends to dig deeply and not just think they should donate, but to take action and support the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal Fund.”

About Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye was established in 2004 to assist small to medium sized businesses to grow through marketing. Providing companies with a marketing manager for a 12-month period, Marketing Eye gives businesses the opportunity to have the same resources as their larger counterparts, without the financial burden.

With in-house resources in web, film, design and public relations, Marketing Eye Atlanta is a full-service agency with extensive expertise in working in the small to medium sized business market.

Marketing Eye has offices in Australia, the United State and agents in many countries throughout the world.