Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye, has been appointed the Marketing Manager of the Saber Group, a financial services firm based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Marketing Eye will run the firm’s marketing programs for the next 12 months and develop the firm’s brand, website, marketing collateral, Web 2.0 strategy and public relations activities.

“The Saber Group is the most innovative accounting practice I have ever worked with in my 17 years of being in marketing,” confirmed Mellissah Smith, CEO, Marketing Eye.

“They came to us to run their marketing, provide merger and acquisition communication consultation and develop a new brand, with all that that entails.

“At the top of their requirements was a Web 2.0 strategy and online streaming of educational seminars, which is extremely innovative for an accounting practice particularly one that is headquartered on the Gold Coast.”

The Saber Group provides a end-to-end financial solution for its clients including accounting, financial planning, taxation, auditing, bookkeeping, business and finance structuring.