Marketing Eye
Melbourne firm, effenTM is looking for an Ambassador who doesn’t need to be famous or a sporting god, but simply needs to be an ‘effen great bloke’ – do you know him?

Melbourne, Australia, October 2009; An effenTM Great Bloke - is he the guy that mows the lawn and crops the hedges, the mate you can rely on when the going gets tough - through thick and thin, past hell and high-water. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. It’s very Australian to be in the firm of an effenTM Great Bloke and effenTM beer is searching for Australia’s answer.

“We are looking for a true-blue bloke who knows how to be an effenTM Great Bloke – most of the time,” said Ryan Leslie, founder of effenTM Beer.

“Not the guy who stands up his mates because he has a new girl on the scene, nor the one that is a repeat offender at missing the football because he has domestic chores.”

effenTM Beer is looking for an Effen Great Bloke and his best mates to give away a years supply of beer to – the ultimate ‘mates’ gift.

“We’re encouraging people to communicate what makes them an effenTM Great Bloke in a way that best represents the theme of the campaign.”

To win, consumers are required to log onto the effenTM website and say why they think they are an ‘Effen Great Bloke’ in up to 150 words, upload a photo or send a video via YouTube.

effenTM breaks the perception that all Australian beers have to be watered down and consumed as a thirst quencher in the summer months. It has emerged as a brand with real character, designed for free spirited individuals in search for a good time. Created like no other craft beer in Australia – effenTM is an ultra smooth, full bodied malt lager with exceptional balance and a clean, crisp finish.