Marketing Eye
Atlanta, Georgia;

Talented marketing graduate Maikayla Desjardins spearheaded her international career with a 3 month internship at Marketing Eye Sydney after graduating from New Hampshire with a Degree Marketing.

“My internship at Marketing Eye gave me an opportunity to learn about websites in a way that I didn’t learn at University,” said Ms Desjardins.

“I performed tasks such as market research, copywriting, public relations and media.”

Marketing Eye is Australia’s largest small business marketing consultancy firm and has recently expanded into Atlanta, Georgia.

The company offers a subscription based model whereby small businesses receive all their marketing, branding, web, social media and public relations services for one subscription fee of $500 per week.

“I would recommend international students to work as an intern at Marketing Eye to gain valuable international business skills and to gain one-to-one experience with working directly with clients,” said Ms Desjardins.

“It is a lot different to what I expected because I learned a lot being around the Australian culture and learning the different cultural and language styles that need to be adapted when marketing a small business.”

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