Marketing Eye
A leading biotechnology firm that specializes in diabetes and prostate cancer has today appointed Marketing Eye to run its public relations and communications programs for the next 12-months.

The intensive public relations awareness campaign will be to ensure that consumers in Australia and overseas are being adequately tested for these diseases.

Minomic International have developed diagnostics for diabetes and prostate cancer, revolutionarising the industry.

“Our marketing consultants inare trained in biotechnology firm marketing and public relations and have extensive work in the important area of health,” confirmed Mellissah Smith, CEO, Marketing Eye.

“Minomic Internationals focus is on international markets and in particular on working with creating a greater awareness for these diseases.”

Marketing Eye’s Marketing Consultants spend a significant amount of time promoting good causes.

In addition, Marketing Eye’s Branding Consultants will be working on a new brand and an interactive website.

“Down the track, we envisage the creation of a series of public service announcements, which is particularly exciting for the firm.”