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Zoomorphix - Technology | Software

Zoomorphix Systems is the developer of ExamStudio Online®, ExamStudio Web Delivery®, Glass3D® and Red Panda X®. They provide services to the testing community with established clients across a broad range of professional accreditation, licensure, certification and educational organizations. Zoomorphix Systems' primary client base includes leading testing organizations across the U.S.A with programs that range from regional to international in scope. 

The Zoomorphix Systems software development team has an enviable depth of talent and expertise, having successfully and consistently delivered enterprise software solutions. Support for all software products is provided by staff members who are passionate in their commitment to client service.

Having been established in early 1998, Zoomorphix built a strong reputation in the market through word-of-mouth or referral marketing. As time continued, sales began to mature and the need for a sustainable marketing plan was required. It was at this point that Zoomorphix approached Marketing Eye to embark on a 12-month rebranding and lead generation strategy.

Marketing Eye implemented a wide range of marketing initiatives for Zoomorphix, including website design and development, new marketing collateral, key messaging a rebranding exercise to engage their audience and make their testing platform more appealing. After the conclusion of the rebranding of Zoomorphix, Marketing Eye implemented key lead generation campaigns aimed at building their database and marketing outreach as a whole.

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