Marketing Eye Branding Portfolio

Marketing Eye Branding Portfolio

Construction and Building Supplies

Construction and Building Supplies (30)

Hurricane Tensile Structures

Company Profile:

Hurricane Tensile Structures, - the pinnacle of Engineering Excellence since the 1990s, is a particular design which incorporates tensile fabric materials known for their strength and durability, designed to withstand the intense forces and winds associated with hurricanes. They have built their reputation by honouring the craft for over three decades.

Business Goal:

To provide a secure and durable shelter while minimising the impact of hurricane-force winds on the structure.

Marketing Goal:

To mirror competitors in driving the company forward by aligning business, sales and marketing objectives.  


We believe Hurricane Tensile Structure faced many difficulties with its previous branding and website which did not align with the company values and market growth. Whilst they have made significant strides in in their unique services and commitment to provide efficient, speedy and cost-effective solutions, there was a need for a brand transformation to reflect this.

A significant challenge for the brand was the brand name ‘Trade Structures’ as it did not reflect the company’s unique services and features. It is evident that the logo needs to align with the additional updates within the brand strategy refresh.

Another challenge was the need to update the website with an immersive, interactive and educational digital presence. For any business, a successful website is the foundation to the sales process. Customer experience, information sources and design interactivity are the forefront to capitalize organic traffic with high conversion rates.   

Rebranding Strategy Solution:

Marketing Eye initiated an extensive rebranding process so the company can establish a trust with their target audience, distinguish itself from competitors and increase their growth and stability. Maintaining constituency in branding and incorporating both messaging and visual identity will reinforce brand recognition and contribute to credibility with customers and stakeholders.

This strategic rebrand initiative involved the creation of a tagline, SEO, direct Mmrketing, electronic direct marketing, public relations, a modernised website, an unique logo and brand name and engaging social media campaigns.


Marketing Eye’s team of talented designers and marketers brainstormed with key stakeholders in the business to reflect upon the value they bring their customers. The tagline wanted to create a greater meaning than a business who provides secure and durable shelter, and more to showcase their unique identity.

The tagline is ‘Beyond Boundaries: Modular Solutions For A Dynamic World’.

As a team, we believe this tagline captures the essence of its commitment to providing innovative and adaptable solutions that go beyond traditional limits.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Recognising the significance of SEO is a fundamental component of marketing due to its ability to enhance online visibility, credibility and user experience. We believe it is crucial for HTS to appear in related searchers and increase digital performance. Through a combination of optimizing page titles, page meta descriptions, and images, traffic will increase to the website and generate leads.

Direct Marketing:

To enable a personalised approach, Marketing Eye now offers calls to encourage potential customers to visit the website. The calls allow customers to stay well informed on latest products to increase the opportunity for sales.

Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM):

Marketing Eye used the digital marketing tool of email marketing to firstly connect with customers on a personalised basis, but to secondly segment the customer base by industry, geographical, budget and solutions. In doing so, the business will be able to directly communicate customers with content which is catered to their personalized needs.

Public Relations:

As HTS public relations was limited, Marketing Eye used testimonials as a communication strategy to boost conversation and attraction to the brand. Marketing Eye wanted to communicate HTS brand positivity and credibility, therefore including testimonials elevated HTS market position as a credible business.  

New Website:

Although HTS utlizied their website to drive traffic, they were not taking full advantage of the benefits from organic visitors and converting them into loyal customers. As a team, we incorporated the brand colours into aspects of the navigation to allow for a cohesive structure for all content. The website updated its key messaging to tailor each customer preference whether it be blogs, links to social media platforms, CTA prompts or engaging imagery. 

HTS website now features engaging and compelling content and provides a distinctive user experience, aiming to both engage and convert visitors into potential clients.

Untitled 5

New Logo:

We designed a new logo that reflected the new modern identity whilst embodying simplicity. Keeping the colour palette white not only maintains a seamless aesthetic but also symbolises the seamless services HTS delivers.

New Brand Name:

‘Trade Structures’ – ‘Hurricane Tensile Structures’

In reference to SEO, there was a challenge to the previous as it never reflected the uniqueness of what HTS had to offer to their customers. Marketing Eye worked with the business to create a name which portrayed who HTS are and what their unique service is.


Cameron Construction - Building and Construction

Case Study: Cameron Construction Building PNG

Client: Cameron Construction

Cameron Construction: Company Profile Cameron Construction is a reputable construction company operating in Papua New Guinea. With a strong focus on quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction, Cameron Construction specializes in a wide range of construction projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial developments. The company prides itself on its expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering exceptional construction solutions.

Challenge: Branding, Website, and Collateral Limitations Cameron Construction faced several challenges related to its branding, website, and collateral materials. The company's brand identity lacked a cohesive and memorable visual representation, making it difficult to differentiate from competitors and effectively communicate its expertise and value proposition. The existing website had an outdated design, limited functionality, and did not effectively showcase the company's portfolio of completed projects and capabilities. Additionally, the collateral materials, such as brochures and marketing materials, were inconsistent and did not effectively highlight the company's strengths or engage potential clients. These limitations hindered Cameron Construction's ability to attract new clients and showcase its expertise in the construction industry.

Solution: Marketing Eye's Strategic Approach To address the branding, website, and collateral challenges, Cameron Construction enlisted the expertise of Marketing Eye, a renowned marketing consultancy firm. Marketing Eye developed a strategic approach to deliver an effective solution.

CC logo

cc bc

Branding Strategy: Marketing Eye conducted extensive research to gain insights into Cameron Construction's target market, competitors, and industry trends. Based on this research, they developed a comprehensive branding strategy that aligned with the company's values, expertise, and long-term objectives. The strategy involved refining the brand messaging, creating a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity, and establishing brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all marketing materials.

Website Development and User Experience: Recognizing the importance of a visually appealing and user-friendly website, Marketing Eye developed and designed a new website for Cameron Construction. The website featured a modern and professional layout that effectively showcased the company's portfolio of completed projects, capabilities, and testimonials from satisfied clients. The new website incorporated improved functionality, clear navigation, and responsive design to enhance the user experience and encourage potential clients to explore the company's services further.

Collateral Development: Marketing Eye developed impactful collateral materials that effectively communicated Cameron Construction's expertise, capabilities, and value proposition. This included redesigning brochures and marketing materials with a visually appealing layout and compelling content that highlighted the company's strengths, quality craftsmanship, and successful project delivery. The collateral materials were aligned with the updated brand identity, reflecting professionalism, reliability, and expertise in the construction industry.

Lead Generation and Social Media Campaigns: In addition to branding, website development, and collateral, Marketing Eye developed several lead generation campaigns and social media campaigns to expand Cameron Construction's reach and attract potential clients. These campaigns involved targeted advertising, content creation, and strategic social media management to generate leads and increase brand visibility within the local market.

cc edm

cc website

Results: Successful Brand Transformation, Improved Website, Collateral, and Lead Generation Through Marketing Eye's strategic approach, Cameron Construction achieved significant improvements in its branding, website, collateral materials, and lead generation efforts. The company experienced the following outcomes:

Enhanced Brand Identity: Cameron Construction's revitalized brand identity effectively conveyed its expertise, reliability, and commitment to delivering exceptional construction solutions. The visually appealing brand identity, refined brand messaging, and consistent branding across all marketing materials created a strong and differentiated brand image, positioning Cameron Construction as a trusted construction partner.

Improved Website and User Experience: The new website provided an enhanced user experience, featuring a modern design, improved functionality, and a comprehensive showcase of the company's capabilities and completed projects. The user-friendly navigation, engaging content, and responsive design contributed to increased user engagement and a positive impression of the company's professionalism and expertise.

Engaging Collateral Materials: The redesigned collateral materials accurately reflected Cameron Construction's expertise and highlighted its successful project delivery. The visually appealing layout, compelling content, and consistent branding effectively communicated the company's strengths and encouraged potential clients to consider Cameron Construction for their construction needs.

Successful Lead Generation and Social Media Campaigns: Marketing Eye's lead generation and social media campaigns effectively increased brand visibility and generated quality leads for Cameron Construction. The targeted advertising, strategic content creation, and proactive social media management helped expand the company's reach within the local market and attract potential clients interested in construction services.

Overall, Marketing Eye's strategic approach led to a successful brand transformation, an improved website, engaging collateral materials, and successful lead generation campaigns for Cameron Construction. These improvements positioned the company as a trusted and reputable construction partner in Papua New Guinea, ultimately contributing to its growth and success in the industry.


Smarter Kitchens Smarter Bathrooms - Home Renovation

Smarter Bathrooms is regarded as the leading bathroom renovator in Melbourne. With over 1500 completed projects and more than fifteen years’ experience specializing in bathrooms, we have the proven expertise to deliver a quality renovation.

Smarter Kitchens 1

Smarter Kitchens 2

Smarter Kitchens 3

Smarter Kitchens 4

Alfex CNC Australia - Construction | Building Supplies

Alfex CNC Australia is proud to be Australia’s favourite machine tool supplier with a proven track record of industry leading support and service. Alfex offers a range of solutions from low cost options for the display, trophies and awards, signage and general engraving industries to high volume and high precision 3D engraving solutions for metal-based applications.

Alfex CNC 1

Alflex CNC 2

Alfex CNC 3

Alfex CNC 5

Alfex CNC 6

Scan-Rent - Building Services | Building Structures

Scan-Rent Australia Pty Ltd was established to provide technical solutions and support for businesses across Australia. They pride themselves on their sales services, support, technical management and professional working team. Scan-Rent sells and rents man and material hoists, mast climbing work platforms and crane climbers, together with complete back-up support service.

Scanrent 1

Scanrent 2

Scanrent 3

Scanrent 4

Standard Access | Building Services

Standard Access are industry experts in vertical access and hoisting solutions with a reputation for full-service provision. The company has a thirty-year strong history along with extensive training and hands-on experience across the renewables sector and permanent BMU installations and are able to provide complete engineered solutions.

Marketing Eye was able to provide outsourced marketing services to Standard Access Australia by conducting a branding workshop and designing a SEO-optimised website for the business, along with the creation of signage, brochures and other marketing collateral.


Access CARD

Access EDM1






Danterr - Building Supplies

Danterr is a national concrete and construction products supply company, providing products that are meeting Australia infrastructure and public work's needs. Their sphere of influence includes public transport initiatives, major road upgrades, transport tunnels, sporting venues, wind farms, bridges, and rail lines. Danterr researches and investigates the nature and requirements of each individual project, working with reliable local and overseas suppliers to ensure the client's needs are filled. Danterr needed a marketing strategy to build out and execute their marketing initiatives to support their efforts for green technology and sustainability in Australia. Marketing Eye came alongside Danterr to serve as their outsourced marketing department to develop and implement a marketing strategy and graphic design services, including a total rebranding with fresh marketing collateral.

Marketing Eye developed a comprehensive marketing strategy which involved a rebrand of the national concrete construction supply company. Danterr supplies, sources and distributes to Australia’s largest construction projects with a strong emphasis on sustainability and green technology.  The journey involved developing a new logo which could represent the brand and appear on newly designed letterheads, business cards, brochures and new website design. The next stage involved cumulating a database, having a strong social media presence and informing interested clients with EDMs.


business card


Ultima Building Group - Building and Construction

Ultima Building Group is a luxury building and construction company based in the Sydney Metro area specializing in new home builds, renovations, and extensions. The husband and wife duo behind the group has 18 years of experience and focuses on all parts of a build, from council plans to interior design. Ultima Building Group needed a comprehensive marketing strategy and graphic design services to help generate leads and grow their business. 

As part of the outsourced marketing efforts by Marketing Eye, a redesign of the functionality and enhancing search engine optimisation of their website were launched. There has also been a start-up and development of their social media channels including lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn as well as several EDM campaigns. As part of exposing the business, public relations was implemented successfully with appearances in the Daily Telegraph,  Western Weekender and Bloomberg.

ubg cover

ubg inner

EDM Mockup

ultima company brochure

Public relations efforts used to reach out to Australian publications. Media was achieved through press for Ultima Building Group. Industry articles published on The Daily Telegraph and The Western Weekender.

ultima bg PR image

Pietra Gallery - Natural Stone

pietra brochure1

Pietra Gallery is a Melbourne-based supplier of natural stone products which specialises in selecting and procuring natural stone from quarries around the world and supplying it within Australia. 

With extensive knowledge of an array natural stone quarries around the world, Pietra Gallery supplies world-class quality stones at a competitive rate. Pietra Gallery’s Melbourne Warehouse in Pakenham contains thousands of square meters of Natural Stones (Tiles and Slabs and Pavers) ready for immediate delivery.

The founder of Pietra Gallery reached out to Marketing Eye after viewing its numerous projects in the construction and interior design industries. Through Marketing Eye's marketing workshop, the company's marketing strategy was conceived. The company needed a fresh logo, which our Melbourne Marketing consultancy delivered by launching a redeveloped website. 

Using our expertise, we have helped to elevate Pietra Gallery’s online presence in addition to creating informative marketing collateral. One example is Marketing Eye’s brochure and buyer catalogue which detail Pietra Gallery’s exclusive offerings, creating better brand awareness and product understanding

pietra brochure1a

pietra brochure2



Steel Supplies - Steel Distributer and Manufacturer

For more than 8 years, Marketing Eye has been the outsourced marketing department for Steel Supplies Charters Towers. We develop yearly strategies and implement them over 12-month periods. On a monthly basis, we do e-marketing, lead generations campaigns, brochures, social media, advertising and public relations. A newly launched website has been instrumental in ensuring that the company continues to grow from strength to strength.