Marketing Eye
We know how to be Social, so should you!

Marketing Eye is a leading social media agency. We have worked with hundreds of company's developing social media solutions, creative, content and connections in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, New York, Los Angeles and throughout Australia.

Primarily, Marketing Eye Atlanta works with companies to:

a) Develop a social media strategy
b) Set up social media platforms including registration, design and content
c) Development of social media campaigns
d) Education on how to use social media in a B2B and B2C environment
e) Writing of content and in particular blogs, tweets, slideshares and general commentary
d) Integration of social media in employment engagement strategies
e) Collaboration with partners and alliances

Unlike many marketing companies, Marketing Eye is active on social media. We engage particularly through our company blog, through Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Facebook.

We are the highest ranking marketing firm on the Alexa Rankings in Atlanta, and we have only been here less than a year! That goes to show our effectiveness as social media marketers and ability to raise profile online.

If you are a B2B companies, we suggest:
  • LinkedIn: Set up LinkedIn and ensure that all your employees have exactly the same company profile. Maximize the number of groups you are in (at least 50) and share relevant company blogs with the groups you participate in. Ensure your profile is current and your picture best communicates how you want to be viewed by the world. Make sure you make comments on other people's stories and be sure to connect with clients, prospects and key influencers.
  • Twitter: Set up your twitter profile, ensure that it has a picture in the background and your brand. Don't write tweets that are offensive to your target audience. Share stories that are relevant to your followers and ensure that you share your company blog on a regular basis. Follow people following your competitors and manage flitter to ensure that you follow only people following you.
  • Facebook: Marketing Eye uses Facebook primarily for sharing stories with employees and friends. Depending on what type of business you have, you may find LinkedIn and Twitter more effective for attracting and engaging with clients.
  • Blogging: This is singularly the main reason why people keep coming back to the Marketing Eye website. Keep blogs relevant and make sure you share a piece of yourself in your blogs so that your audience gets to know you.
There are so many social media choices, yet finding the best one for your company is often one of the most difficult decisions you can make. Social media can be a time-waster and therefore it is imperative that small businesses utilize their time on social media platforms that ensure the greatest engagement with clients and prospects.
For more information on how your social media can be optimized, contact us today on 404 626 8070 and speak to Maikayla Desjardins.