Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye is Atlanta’s most experienced small to medium sized business outsourced team.

We deliver companies with an affordable yet strategic marketing team, capable of making a difference to your business.

With a no outsourcing policy, we have the best marketers, branding, social media, lead generation, public relations, graphic design and web talent in the entire Georgia area.

Our ideas are fresh and our clients are passionate. Together we deliver on our marketing strategies and ensure that the companies we work with achieve their business goals.

Our approach is simple:
  • Each client is allocated a marketing manager to drive their entire outsourced marketing team
  • Our marketing manager’s choose their team to achieve our clients marketing goals from graphic designers to web developers, public relations to lead generation experts – our high performance teams are trained to work together to achieve business outcomes
  • Your team and ours workshop your marketing needs and develop a strategic marketing plan that includes an entire year of marketing deliverables
  • You sign off on these deliverables and then we make it happen
  • Each month you receive comprehensive marketing report with relevant marketing analytics
  • Each month, your “Marketing Eye” attends a management meeting presenting the achievements for the month and what is coming up for the rest of the year.
  • Together, we celebrate results.
An outsourced marketing team is more cost effective than hiring a marketing team in-house and allows you to benefit from a highly skilled and experienced workforce exposure to marketing techniques and programs from around the world.

Why choose Marketing Eye as your outsourced marketing team?
  • Our marketing team is more experienced than any other in all areas of marketing in Atlanta
  • We have an extensive training and development program in place ensuring that our marketing team is up-to-date with the latest in marketing techniques and trends
  • We have an international presence
  • Our organization is entrepreneurial led ensuring that we understand our clients in a way that others do not
  • Marketing Eye has its own media with a custom magazine, online magazine, blog and social media presence that other marketers dream of
  • We are more passionate about marketing and delivering results than any other marketing firm in Atlanta
  • We believe in our service and know we can make a difference.
Find out how Marketing Eye can help your business today!