Marketing Eye
As an experienced outsourced marketing company, Marketing Eye is well-established in running entire marketing departments, conducting marketing audits and running inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

Top Atlanta based marketing firms are hard to find. Better still, top international marketing consultancies are few and far between that really care about your business.

In-house, in Atlanta at our Buckhead offices, you will find:

  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Executives
  • Marketing Co-ordinators
  • Inside Sales Executives
  • Web Developers
  • Search Engine Optimization specialists
  • Public Relations Executives
  • Art Director/Graphic Design

While many companies say they do all of these things in-house, they mainly outsource to freelancers. Instead, we believe that your brand deserves to be managed under one roof. We collaboratively work together, strategizing your marketing needs to establish a work-able marketing plan aligned to your overall business goals.

Experience comes in many ways, and age isn't one of them. Our team have each worked on more than 10 marketing strategies, with some as many as 30 or 40. With this experience, they learn what works and what does not. Their enthusiasm and thirst for great marketing outcomes, is matched with a creative bent, aligned to the imaginations of your target audience.

Mentorship and brainstorming is part of our normal program, and once a new client has embarked on a marketing workshop, we develop what is one of the best marketing strategies you will ever find. It is not only thorough and on-brand, but also very targeted and thorough researched. As you grow, we grow. It is as simple as that.

Our people have skills in:

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