Marketing Eye
Why Marketing Eye?

When you think about marketing companies, you often think about a bunch of creatives, or people that don't wear suits and pretend that they know more than the average person about marketing - and sometimes they do. Other times, they do not.

Marketing Eye is very different to any other Atlanta-based marketing firm. We are seasoned marketers, relevant with the times and ahead of the curve. Not only have we learned our discipline well, we are creative and have our own team of marketers, public relations, web and graphic design professionals in-house, in Atlanta. 

On top of our constant marketing upskilling programs for our marketing executives, we build technology to work harder, faster and smarter than our competitors. We are also collaborative, working closely with Universities to build robots to be the future marketers, fast-tracking market research and analysis and allowing our team of marketers to work with more accurate information, and build marketing campaigns with real ROI.

Marketing Eye Magazine is the most read marketing and entrepreneurship magazine in the US today, found in newsagencies, online and in airline lounges, and  we also train marketers, marketing departments and even our competitors on how to market.

We use our technology data scientists to analyze social media and digital engagement, and drones for photography. There is nothing that we won't dip our toes in when it comes to marketing, and we certainly don't shy away from industries that may be considered by others as uncool.

As specialists in technology, biotechnology, medical, medical device, manufacturing, retail, professional services and FMCG - we have it covered and with 12 years experience to our belt, you can be assured that the very best expertise will be utilized on your next marketing campaign.

Why not give us a call on 404 626 8070.