Marketing Eye


By Shannon Willoughby, business reporter

Jenan Thorne and Daniel Harcombe can't wait to get stuck into MySpace and Facebook to network with their clients.
Marketing Eye, has been appointed the Marketing Manager of the Saber Group, a financial services firm based on the Gold Coast, Australia.
By Brad Howarth, September 27, 2007
Online video is becoming the hottest marketing tool for businesses keen to spruik their products and services in a cheap and very effective way.

Alan Perrins never set out to be part of a revolution. He simply wanted a better way to explain the workings of his business, The BEAN Machine.
Microsoft Certified Gold Partner Indicium Technology Group, an Information Technology Management Group at the forefront of their industry, has appointed Marketing Eye to steer the firm’s marketing direction over the next 12 months.
Leading marketing services firm, Marketing Eye, has unleashed a new division within the organization that focuses solely on Digital Marketing.
Leading marketing services firm, Marketing Eye, cites Web 2.0 as key to all marketing strategies for businesses large and small with the adaptation of traditional strategies needing to be more aligned with the rate people are interacting with the Internet.