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Marketing Eye Brisbane, Australia a full service national consultancy firm is pleased to announce the addition of Koonyum Range Retreat to its client roster. Koonyum Range Retreat, "the most tranquil and picturesque holiday chalets in Byron Bay," provides travellers with secluded and private villas with views ranging from the vast Koonyum Range valley to the Byron Bay coast and ocean. The new client has signed on with the firm for a full spectrum of advertising and interactive marketing services.
Telecommunications firm DMG Communications contracted leading marketing consultancy firm Marketing Eye in Brisbane to develop their brand. DMG Communications managing director, Donna Gresham, wanted a fresh and energetic approach to the firm’s brand to reflect the forward thinking business objectives of the firm.
Marketing Eye, a leading national marketing consultancy firm for small to medium sized businesses, has today announced the appointment of former Group Sales Manager for Queensland Newspapers, Nicole Ryan, as the State Manager for Queensland, Australia.
Marketing – there’s no ‘off’ switch
By Adam Joseph AMAMI CPM

There are significant differences between marketing for blue-chip companies and marketing for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) that go well beyond smaller budgets. According to David Cervi, owner of marketing consultancy HyperSphere, there are eight pitfalls for small business when it comes to marketing.
National marketing consultancy firm, Marketing Eye, has today unleashed the first marketing consultancy finance package to assist start up and small businesses with affordable marketing services.
Over the past 10 years, Marketing Eye has developed technology, systems, processes and training programs that ensure the ultimate success of a marketing consultancy firm. To further grow Marketing Eye in new markets, we have opened up a licensing opportunity.

You might wonder why Marketing Eye? With the highest profile marketing consultancy brand in Australia and the US focused on SMB’s, Marketing Eye leverages its position as an industry leader and innovator to deliver a service unsurpassed by any competitor. By owning your own Marketing Eye, you are benefitting from the history of a well known brand and all the systems and processes that support its success.