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The definition of Green or Environment Marketing has yet to be standardized, which poses a problem to Green Marketing. Consumers often associate terms like Phosphate Free, Recyclable, Refillable, Ozone Friendly, and Environment Friendly with green marketing.

But Green Marketing is much more than these terms.

Small businesses need to be strategic about their green policies and determine how far they would like to filtrate a 'greener business ethos' in today's business environment. While Marketing Eye is the first to 'turn off the lights', 'car pool or take public transport', recycle everything possible and of course use green products in all areas of marketing - it's impossible to champion this amongst our suppliers like we would like to. But we try - very hard. That means, we ask the questions and choose suppliers with 'greener products' or who have the same 'green values' as we do where possible.

Polonsky has described Green Marketing as the following:

Green or Environment Marketing consist of all activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchanges intended to satisfy human needs or wants, such that the satisfaction of these needs and wants occurs, with minimal detrimental impact on the natural environment.

To enhance this definition should “environmentally friendly” be changed to “less environmentally harmful“? With this change, Green Marketing should look at minimizing environmental harm, not necessarily eliminating it.

Marketing Eye can provide powerful marketing strategies through green marketing for businesses and professional who grow their businesses using best green and sustainable practices. Make sure your next marketing campaign is 'green' and that your team, clients and suppliers are encouraged to think about the environment, in everything they do.

Choose green paper for printing, environmentally sounds technology and make sure you recycle everything that can be recycled in your office. Say no to bottled water and anything plastic. Our future generations will thank you.

No matter what size your business is, you will find adopting a green marketing policy will only ensure better client connectivity, sustainable growth and ultimately more clients. Think about it - would you choose an environmentally friendly company over one that is not, if there is no price difference and they are selling the same product or service? The choice is yours and Marketing Eye is able to assist you in ensuring that the adoption of green marketing techniques is a collaborative approach across every area of the marketing mix. 

For more information on how you can implement a green marketing campaign, please contact us today.