Marketing Eye
Instagram marketing isn't for every business but we strongly suggest that it be part of your overall marketing strategy for businesses that are product based or who have a visual story to tell.

Instagram is also powerful for building your "people brand" communicating your teams efforts, culture and ability to deliver on your promises.

With Instagram's acquisition by Facebook, they have become a more powerful integrated marketing tool, capable of not only delivering companies with a platform to post pictures and connect with customers and prospects, but to also build loyal followings and video content.

Marketing Eye's Instagram marketing services includes:

  • Development of an Instagram marketing strategy integrated strategically into your company's overall social media marketing strategy
  • Instagram marketing management
  • Posting of pictures and video including production where required
  • Follow/Unfollow services
  • Communications with other influencers on Instagram
  • Analytics on results
For more information on how Marketing Eye can assist your company in delivering on your social media goals, please contact us today.