Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye's blog writing services is an affordable way for companies to utilize content marketing in their overall marketing strategy, without the stress of having to come up with blogging ideas day-in, day-out.

We write on a number of different topics from professional services, human resources, marketing, technology, lifestyle, fashion, food, parenting, health, dental, insurance, legal, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, and product-based topics.

With a mixture of journalists, public relations and marketing personnel on staff, Marketing Eye is able to give clients a choice of conversational or educational blog styles. We understand the tone and culture of a company, and are able to utilize this knowledge to write blogs that connect and engage with readers and encourages them to share on other social media platforms.

Marketing Eye also has a proprietary technology, capable of fast-tracking the time it takes to gather information for blogging. 

Blogging services includes:
  • Complete blog management: research, writing, images, posting, sharing
  • Expert industry-based blogging
  • Blogging strategy development and execution
  • SEO alignment with keywords and metatags
  • LinkedIn group sharing of blogs
Our blogging services range from just $35 per hour ensuring that every company we work with is able to use this valuable content marketing medium to promote their brand and connect with customers in a way that they may not have been able to achieve previously.

Why not ask how Marketing Eye can assist your company in writing your next blog. Contact us online today.