Marketing Eye
At Marketing Eye, we realize not all businesses need the same marketing solution. Small, medium and large corporations are able to benefit from our short term marketing projects division whereby we place marketing, graphic design, web development, social media, lead generation and content marketing specialists on specific projects for our clients. 

Short term projects may include:
Short-term projects are required to be a minimum value of $2,000.

Marketing Eye's long-term project team works primarily on new market development or product launches that require a strategic marketing plan and implementation over 6 months or more in time frame.

Our Atlanta marketing team rates for project work that is longer than two weeks full-time:

Marketing Manager: $125.00 per hour
Marketing Executive: $85.00 per hour
Marketing Coordinator: $45.00 per hour
Social Media Lead Generation Campaign Executive: $40.00 per hour
Content Marketing Executive: $55.00 per hour
Graphic Designer (Senior): $125 per hour
Graphic Designer (Medium-level): $55 per hour
Graphic Designer (Base-level): $40 per hour

Our marketing and design teams work under a stringent customer focused guide, committed to producing high level results to our clients. Each timesheet is detailed and is supported by an achievements report.

For more information on how Atlanta's number one marketing consultancy firm can help your business with short-term marketing and communications projects, contact Marketing Eye on 1 404 626 8070.