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Sales process automation is about a company looking at every single element of the sales process, leaving no stone left unturned, and taking their customer journey and turning it into a process-driven, sales-focused, automation system to drive sales performance.

The average sales cycle length has increased 22% over the past five years due to more decision makers being involved in the buying process. With over 25% of B2B sales cycles taking seven months or more to close, anything that sales and marketing teams can do to accelerate speed through the pipeline is worth the effort. 

Sales automation is the process of automating business tasks and processes such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance. By automating the sales process, an organization is able to connect with customers, nurture them and ultimately help them make a valuable purchasing decision.

Marketing Eye helps organizations map out their sales automation process, and deliver on their business goals through integrating CRM, marketing automation, workflow automation and email automation software solutions, analyzing performance and delivering compelling marketing campaigns.

No software solution works without ensuring that your team uses the software correctly supported with the right key messages and branding overall strengthening your product or service promotion. That's where Marketing Eye comes in. We not only provide the blueprint and ensure that your entire sales and marketing team works in collaboration to achieve your business goals, but we also advise on the right technologies, systems and processes with the best ROI.

Why implement sales process automation?

  • To shorten the sales cycle
  • To monitor data and analyze
  • To achieve up-to-date information
  • To cross-check data
  • To provide ideas for marketing segmentation
  • To improve your market positioning
  • To increase; revenue per sales representative, close rate, order size and revenue per customer
  • To give your company the competitive edge
Marketing automation is always advancing and growing. It's role in the sales process is instrumental with more and more customers making buying decisions without even speaking to a single person. 

Marketing Eye's 12-month sales process automation solution provides you with:

  • 4 key workshops covering all areas of the sales process
  • Bi-weekly communications with key champions of the sales process
  • Complete mapping including digital blueprint
  • Technology driven appraisal
  • 3 end-to-end marketing campaigns over 12 months
  • Complete scripting of the entire sales process 


To discuss how one of our Sales Automation Process Experts can help your company, contact us today.