Marketing Eye
Do you have a marketing strategy in place? Is it aligned to your business plan?

Marketing Eye has written over 200 marketing strategies for businesses in the professional services, technology, health, medical device, financial services, property, manufacturing, logistics and transportation and many more industries.

With this extensive marketing strategy experience, we have built a system to ensure that your marketing strategy is aligned to your overall business goals, powering your sales teams and delivering on your brand promise.

Unlike many companies that sell marketing strategies to companies, we have in-depth experience in both developing the strategy and executing it, ensuring that each key milestone and KPI is achieved along the way. Each quarter, we meet with your team to ensure that the marketing strategy is being implemented and goals are being achieved. It's this experience along with our bespoke approach and market knowledge that sets Marketing Eye apart.

Marketing Eye has a business transforming approach to marketing strategy development, ensuring that if all of your competitors are walking one way, that you are walking the other – in an upward direction.

We have a 5 Step Approach to Marketing Strategy Development:
  1. Conduct a marketing audit of all marketing activities and processes, and benchmark marketing activities against industry best practice
  2. Complete a marketing workshop with key business stakeholders covering the business goals / business plan, marketing resources and all areas of the marketing mix
  3. Undergo market research including industry and competitor based research
  4. Survey clients, prospects, employees and industry stakeholders
  5. Develop a marketing strategy aligned to company marketing objectives and budget
In today's very competitive market, companies are looking for ways to reduce their marketing spend, consolidate marketing practice, implement sales and marketing automation, power digital marketing performance and utilize analytics to better understand customer interaction, loyalty and collaborate this knowledge in one singular view.

There are many ways to ensure that your marketing investment works smarter and by having a marketing strategy aligned to your business goals, will ensure that your company achieves a smarter, more strategic results.

Marketing Eye's marketing strategies all cover:
  • Customer segmentation (based on needs)
  • Customer lifecycle and lifetime value management
  • Brand and price positioning, value communication
  • Development of new products and services
  • Marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Customer loyalty strategies and programs
  • Digital marketing (online, mobile, social media)
  • Advertising and PR strategies 
We have conducted more than 1000 marketing projects and over 200 marketing strategies – and with this experience, we are able to bring you insight and create you the best possible marketing strategy for your company.

For more information on how you can engage Marketing Eye to write your next marketing strategy, please contact us today.