Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye was first established in Australia in late 2004 as a marketing agency to SMB's. With offices throughout the country, Marketing Eye is the SMB marketing consulting firm in Australia. We provide more than 100 companies with an outsourced marketing team; marketing manager, graphic design, public relations, web development, branding, search engine optimization and communications.

There are things that US based companies need to know:

  • While we are the same, we are different: Websites, brochures and communications need to be written in Australian English
  • Press releases that are written in the US cannot just be distributed in Australia. Back to basic with the market-to-media philosophy, Marketing Eye re-writes media releases so that they are relevant to the correct market with correct spelling
  • Each market is different - even in Australia - so localized knowledge is paramount
  • For $2,500 per month, you can have a complete outsourced marketing department running all your marketing needs in Australia

We suggest that all companies expanding to Australia setup in Sydney or Melbourne. There is no other location if you are serious about doing business on Australian shores.

For more information on how you can have a Marketing Eye in Australia for $2,500 per month, please contact us today.