Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye is committed to providing businesses with the latest in marketing technology to drive hot, qualified leads. Our expertise and focus in marketing automation achieves this through customer segmentation and targeting of prospects, and creating marketing campaigns that track and communicate with leads in a personalized approach.

Marketing Automation has the fastest growth of any CRM-related segment in the last five years and its ability, through the use of technology, to automate marketing processes such as customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management, will be your business’s biggest competitive advantage.

75% of companies using marketing automation see a ROI in 12 months with 44% seeing it within 6 months. According to ShipServ, marketing automation provides 225% increase in prospect volume that convert to sales opportunities.

Marketing Automation for Your Business

As a Marketo certified partner, Marketing Eye has been trained in all aspects of marketing automation and is able to help your SME deliver on your marketing goals by strategically implementing a complete end-to-end marketing automation system to:
  • Improve marketing process automation
  • Engage connectivity with customers
  • Improve visibility across the entire marketing platform
  • Gain greater insight and more accurate ROI data
  • Improve lead quality and reach through multi-channel campaigns
The main features of marketing automation include:
  • Email marketing and lead nurturing
  • ROI and campaign reporting
  • Scoring and grading
  • Forms and landing pages
  • Social postings
Proper training and use of the technology increases success and better connects you to individual prospects and leads. Allow our seasoned marketing managers to incorporate marketing automation into your marketing strategy, prepare ongoing use and train your team to use it themselves, or purchase the software for your own marketing department and receive one-on-one training from Marketing Eye experts. 

Contact us today to learn more about marketing automation and why it’s the next step in your business’s marketing strategy.