Marketing Eye

For businesses on a high growth, accelerated business expansion phase, Marketing Eye provides a team of marketing individuals who work together as "gladiators in suits" experienced in taking a business plan and providing companies with the right marketing strategies to achieve goals.

82 percent of US companies surveyed by researcher Source Information Services say that they will continue to outsource business consulting services in the next 12 months. There is a reason for this; companies are not looking to increase head count but are looking for high growth opportunities and need a marketing strategy to support this.

Marketing Eye's team of high performance individuals excel in bringing to light a company's growth strategy through strategic marketing consulting, market research, competition analysis, campaign development and setting up a complete sales and marketing automation process with all the supporting materials - ensuring that no sales team has any excuse to not sell.

Industry specific expertise for high growth acceleration supported by our "Gladiators":

  • Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Medical Device
  • Property
  • Healthcare

Each team member is trained for high performance delivering a faster and smarter way to marketing. They defy your expectations in terms of age and experience. Their skills are honed through continually up-skilling, training, coaching and risk taking adventures in the boardroom.

Companies wanting to use Marketing Eye's High Growth Acceleration Team are expected to be:

  • Open minded and trust that we know what we are doing
  • Available to interview your team and clients to ensure that your unique value proposition is communicated as it should be
  • Capable of backing up our marketing efforts with a high skilled sales team that understand your company vision
  • Able to work with internal resources to turn each of them into brand ambassadors
  • Strategic, hard working and know that the best ideas often come after a glass of wine after work!

Processes that help Marketing Eye achieve your goals:

  • Complete marketing audit
  • Interviewing of current and past clients
  • Development of strategic marketing plan
  • Appointment of marketing team with set key performance indicators
  • Development of sales and marketing automation underpinned by software and CRM processes
  • Development of sales support materials and campaign development
  • Implementation of marketing strategy

If you are serious, so are we. Our high performance acceleration program is designed primarily for companies that are venture capital backed, listed on the Stock Exchange or have revenues of $5 million plus and able to spend a minimum of $30,000 per month on marketing services for a period of three consecutive months.

For more information on how Marketing Eye can deliver upon your marketing goals, speak to us today on 1 404 626 8070.