Marketing Eye

Any SMB that invests in a green marketing strategy will not only provide benefit to the environment, but also reinforce to your employees and customers that you care about the future.

Reducing your businesses carbon footprint needs to be a strategic decision, made at the highest level in management while being filtrated through every element of your company culture through to all employees no matter what level in the organization they are.

A green marketing strategy takes into account:

  • Executive summary of what the company is trying to achieve from their marketing strategy
  • Key objectives of the marketing strategy
  • SWOT analysis
  • Company Environmental Policy
  • Key Messaging
  • Marketing and Communications Tactics
  • Key Performance Indicators

Building an effective green marketing strategy is something that will add value to many aspects of your SMB.

Marketing Eye is able to develop a complete green marketing strategy and if you require, execute the strategy from start to finish ensuring that every element of your company values are taken into consideration.

To find out how Marketing Eye can assist your company in delivering a green marketing strategy, contact us today on 1 404 626 8070.