Marketing Eye
The single biggest issue that businesses face is people.

As a company that understands how important people performance is, we have launched a new service that assists companies in improving employee relations. We hire experienced psychologists to work with individuals on your team each month to find out what is hindering their performance or your company culture, and delivering an unbiased ear that helps employees navigate past their "road block" and back on track to delivering for your brand.

Engaging employees is imperative to building a high performance team. Many corporations invest heavily on management and leadership but forget about the "little guys". At Marketing Eye, we believe its the entire team and human direction of your company that decides whether you are going to be successful or not.

Often employees just need someone to hear what they have to say and we have set up a structure that is conducive to them sharing their work problems and finding their own positive solution.

We provide:
  • Strategic advice on employee relations
  • Internal marketing and communications
  • Set of questions approved by your management to ask employees
  • Independence and confidentiality
  • Structure so that employees take responsibility to solve their own problems
  • A venting platform for all employees - once it's off their chest, the problem is 50% gone!
For more information on Marketing Eye's employee relations division, contact us.