Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye is an full-service marketing consulting agency. 

Companies come to Marketing Eye with specific marketing problems. These issues mainly consist of:
  • They have no marketing resources in-house
  • They have been heavily reliant on outbound sales calls
  • They have websites and marketing materials that are out-of-date
  • They have no real analytics around marketing investment and results
  • They have achieved a certain stage in their busineses, but want a 'Marketing Eye' to help them grow to the next

At Marketing Eye Atlanta, we are in business to help grow your business. Our sweet sopt is working with small to medium sized businesses. Marketing Eye invests heavily in research and development to equip our marketing team with the right set of skills and knowledge. We help innovative B2B businesses navigate, change, increase forward-thinking marketing techniques, and catapult business outcomes through strategic measurable results orientated marketing campaigns.

Our marketing team is talented. They spend their days and nights thinking about how they can better serve our clients, connect with their customers and deliver upon business goals. 

Marketing Eye's new breed of marketers are lateral thinking, and innovators who know what "game-changer" means. They work for one of the most innovative marketing companies on the planet and are very proud to tell you all about it. This same enthusiasm and passion translates into thier client work. At Marketing Eye, we don't have budgets to meet, nor do we ever try and up-sell our clients – instead we focus on what is best for our client by using technology and creativity to turn small brands into big brands. 

Our services include:
Marketing Eye has proprietary technology that ensures that we work harder, faster and smarter than our competitors.

If you are looking for a "Marketing Eye" - then give us a call or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!