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Case Studies

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For some companies, they want for their clients to feel safe, secure and ready for the future. At SeeGee, this mandate was critical to ensuring that clients had best-ofbreed security technology solutions, backed by a team of
technology professionals capable of ensuring the integrity of networks and platforms across complex organisations. Through independent technology consultation, SeeGee has worked exclusively with Fortune 500 companies, that
value the integrity and safeguarding of their technology and that of the data belonging to their consumer-based clients. Having grown the company to a mid-tier size and with more than 50 clients in the Fortune 500 category, SeeGee
saw an opportunity to utilize marketing and brand building, to ultimately capitalize on the value of the company. That’s when they interviewed more than a dozen marketing firms in Atlanta, and their choice was clear. They needed a Marketing Eye.


To fast-track the businesses growth, and leverage the acquisition of an IT staffing firm, SeeGee needed to go to the market with a fresh outlook, without diminishing the brands value.

The three areas of the business:

IT Security Technology (Reseller)
IT Consulting
IT Staffing

Ensuring that the different business units were maximizing the potential of the clients that were within the SeeGee family, a marketing partner needed to not only provide the key messages and marketing materials, but incentivise the
sales consultants, and IT professionals to want to promote other areas of business


Marketing Eye refreshed the identity mark for SeeGee without losing the value of the asset, after re-establishing the company’s goals, position in the market, and vision for the future. In addition, a comprehensive 12-month marketing strategy was developed, aligned to sales goals of the company and incorporating all areas of the business. This strategy incorporated the refresh of brand collateral, key messaging guide, lead generation campaigns, website
development, content writing, digital marketing, sales decks, events and public relations.


The company grew by 22 percent, and was acquired by a competitor. The new area of staffing had in excess of a $1 million in additional revenue during that year-long period. The client, Megan Burton, then went on to start one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges, in which she hired Marketing Eye to name the brand, and develop its marketing strategy and communications. SeeGee has been one of the most active endorses of the Marketing Eye brand in the Georgia market and has referred the company to many companies that have become clients


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