Marketing Eye
In simple terms, Marketing Eye Atlanta helps SMB businesses grow by providing them with an experienced marketing manager dedicated to marketing their products and services - not just in Atlanta but nationally and internationally.

Most businesses fail because of lack of finances and marketing. At Marketing Eye Atlanta, we make it affordable for all businesses to have a dedicated marketing manager to market your business. As a marketing firm with a subscription base model, we have tailored our services to your needs. Benefit from our experience, our network of clients and our in-house expertise in all facets of the marketing mix from graphic design and web development to public relations and branding. Our team of talented professionals ensure that your brand is alive in the minds of your customers.

We offer;
  • A dedicated Atlanta based marketing manager / marketing consultant capable of taking your business to new heights
  • A marketing partner that understands business and the issues founders, entrepreneurs and CEO face in delivering on company business plans in the current economic market
  • An understanding that if all your competitors are heading in one direction, that you need to be heading in the other - and we can show you how!
  • An experienced and creative support team of graphic designers, web developers, branding and public relations experts - all inclusive
  • A strategic marketing plan that underpins your overall business strategy and is implemented over a 12 month period - for just $625 per week subscription. No added costs for design, web, seo or social media. 
  • More than any other small business marketing firm in Atlanta: Exposure on Marketing Eye's social media (40,000 Twitter Followers, 1,000's of blog readers each day), FREE editorial in Marketing Eye's online magazine, Round tables, Innovation and a "marketing eye' looking after your businesses marketing needs.

To achieve this, our marketing agency will:

  • Continually strive to produce the highest level of marketing advice to our clients
  • Focus on creativity and innovation in everything we do
  • Improve our service delivery and ensure that we are open to new markets and new ideas
  • Invest in our people, our clients and our craft
  • Innovate and lead the marketing industry as a thought-leader and developer of key technologies and systems
  • Never market for marketing sake – keeping our campaigns and our service strategic with set key performance indicators
  • Work with clients to ensure that their marketing investment receives a return on investment that is comparable to industry standards
  • Give marketing managers the opportunity to work under the guidance and systems of Marketing Eye

Interested in how you can have a Marketing Eye Atlanta in your business? Contact us today.