Not for profit

Not for profit

Marketing Eye has worked with many non-profits organizations in the areas of community services, health, and children's charities. We have a strong belief that every good cause needs communication and as such ensure that our work is done at an affordable rate, so that every not-for-profit can afford professional marketing services.

We are passionate about not-for-profit organizations and always try and assist where possible in building their brand and promoting their events. Importantly, we develop marketing strategies for non-profits that are aligned to their overall goals and help deliver compelling marketing activities and communications that are specifically attuned to helping the organization gain awareness, raise funds and engage with those who support the organization.

We understand the many challenges are faced by non-profits

When you are a non-profit, it is hard to stand out from the crowd within the market place. We help non-profits:
  • Communicate point of difference
  • Engage with donors and sponsors on a level that resonates with them
  • Collaborate with corporates to promote the charity to employees
  • Engage with donors and sponsors on social media
  • Develop marketing strategies utilizing a bespoke approach, creativity and analysis
  • Branding and campaign development
  • Public relations and digital public relations
  • Online advertising
  • Web development and search engine optimization
  • Sponsor and donor relations and communications
Marketing Eye believes in the non-profits we work with. As such, we cut our fees by 50 percent and find ways in which more brand champions can be helping the non-profit promote its cause.

For more information on the work we do for community, health and environmental non profit, please contact us.