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Professional Services

Professional Services

From the onboarding process to the implementation of marketing processes and actions, we at Marketing Eye provide your professional services business with the highest and most regarded level of marketing resources and services available.



We at Marketing Eye have worked closely with a diverse scope of financial institutions and advisors, from small start-ups to global multinational institutions. We provide unique and tailored marketing services that correlate with your business and specific target market.


IT And Biotechnology

The Technology and Biotechnology industry is in a constant and changing evolution. At Marketing Eye our extensive experience and knowledge enables us to provide and implement game changing marketing strategies that allows your business to sustain a balanced competitive advantage.

Health and Pharmaceutical

Health and Pharmaceutical

From the on boarding of your business to the implementation stages, every experience you have with Marketing Eye will simply exceed your expectations. Marketing Eye has developed an abundance of Health and Pharmaceutical related in-depth knowledge and expertise throughout the years, that has enabled a diverse range of related businesses to exceed their set marketing and business driven objectives and goals.

Construction Companies

Construction And Building Supplies

At Marketing Eye, we have had the privilege of working alongside a diverse array of businesses within the Construction Industry, and we understand your fast paced, non-stop work environment. This being said, we create marketing strategies and actions that correctly corelate and align with your businesses underlying vision whilst to producing effective results.



Marketing Eye is well experienced in energy marketing and has been for quite a few years now worked with big name companies in the energy industry as well as a number of solar farm syndicates and energy retailers. With the help of Marketing Eye’s extensive knowledge on this field your energy business will be presented with unimaginable opportunities and will see an increase in your overall performance.

Not for Profit

Not for Profit

Marketing Eye has an extensive history of both supporting and working alongside Not for profit organisations to achieve their greatest objectives and presented outcomes. At Marketing Eye, we can take your organisation to an unimaginable, exciting and new heights with the guided help of our marketing resources.



The Manufacturing industry is being significantly impacted by a wide and diverse range of external factors. This being said, Marketing Eye has an unimaginable team that currently has immense experience and knowledge that has led businesses to achieve great success.



Since 2004, we have provided a diverse range of property-based businesses with our marketing services, resources and extensive knowledge. As a result, we have witnessed small start-ups to multinational property businesses achieve their desired objectives and set KPI’s.

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics

Marketing Eye is renowned for developing and implementing comprehensive, result orientated and brand focused marketing strategies and practices. Over the years we have worked intimately with various businesses within the Shipping and Logistics sector, witnessing their great successes and achieving their set business goals through our assistance at Marketing Eye.



With decades of experience Marketing Eye produces and presents market leading strategies and marketing campaigns that are specifically tailored to the Sustainability industry. Marketing Eye has been witness to a variety of business involved within this sector, that have achieved successful outcomes due to our marketing resources and dedicated services.



We at Marketing Eye have worked closely with a diverse variety of Universities and Schools in both Australia and the United States. Having provided unique and tailored marketing services that effectively correlated with their business and proposed audience.

What We Do

We provide businesses with a complete outsourced marketing team that's managed by a Marketing Executive who is capable of making a difference to your business.

Experiential Marketing

We develop experiences that enable your clients to intimately connect to your brand. From individual sampling to large scale events, we help form memorable and emotional brand relationships. 

Public Relations

Our team members are skilled communicators. We help you develop relationships with the right people, making sure your audience hears your stories. 


We create unforgettable brands that your clients will remember for years to come. We'll help you create a brand strategy that showcases your company's unique identity.

Lead Generation

At Marketing Eye, we keep up with the latest in lead generation technologies and techniques. So we always have the knowledge to help you create a sustainable and efficient inside sales model.

Social Media

We develop social media strategies and produce creative content to help you connect with your growing audience. We're adept in LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Direct Marketing

Marketing Eye targets your prospects and customer base by integrating CRM with direct marketing campaigns and intuitive direct response advertising programs.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing specialists connect you with your customers and key influencers with Google Adwords, PPC, advertising, marketing automation, blogging, and mobile marketing. 

Website Development

We develop interactive websites for our clients using CMS integrated with CRM and marketing automation software. We link your social media, execute SEO campaigns, and deliver up-to-date content. 

Start today with an outsourced marketing department

Imagine having a fully functional marketing department managing all your marketing needs for just $5,000 per month? That is possible if you choose to have an experienced 'Marketing Eye' on your team. We help businesses identify their marketing needs. Then we create and implement a strategy that satisfies their requirements.

Every week you can expect a meeting with your marketing manager followed by a report on all marketing activities conducted that week. You will have access to our task manager ASANA, which enables you to see all ongoing and upcoming marketing activities.


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Kick Start Your Marketing Plan Today

Many entrepreneurs and business owners sit on their hands, but today, you have a choice to move forward.

$ 5,000 Standard
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Dedicated Marketing Manager
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Activation & Support
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy
$ 5,000 Marketing Strategy
  • Comprehensive Marketing Workshop
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Objectives
  • SWOT Analysis
  • 30-40 Pages
  • List of Key Recommendations
$ 2,990 Website Development
  • Bespoke Website Design
  • 8 Pages of Design User Interface
  • Database Collation
  • Content Management Systems
  • Copywriting (400 words per page)
  • 3 Sets of Changes