Marketing Eye
SYDNEY: The St Vincent de Paul Society will be working hard again this Christmas producing direct mail, but this time it’s not personal.

Ozanam Industries, a special work of the St Vincent de Paul Society, operates mail fulfillment and general packaging work centres in Sydney, and today launched a multi-platform marketing campaign to promote awareness of its work.

Ozanam employs over 100 Australians with a disability. It operates with a dual focus on customer service and providing valuable employment opportunities and skills training for its employees – all of whom have varying forms of disabilities.

The campaign: is targeted at companies in need of mail fulfillment, direct marketing or general packaging.

The campaign, “It’s about fulfillment, yours and ours”, was developed by national creative agency Marketing Eye and involves a series of advertisements, brochures, direct marketing elements and a new website.

The direct marketing element will target over 2,000 companies, and encourage them to speak with Ozanam Industries, whenever they have a mail fulfilment, direct marketing or general packaging requirement.

Mellissah Smith, CEO of Marketing Eye, said: “The aim of the campaign is to not only attract new customers to Ozanam Industries, but to also educate people that this is a cost-effective alternative to their current mail fulfilment, direct marketing or general packaging needs and at the same time, it gives people with disabilities employment.”

Rod Silber, business manager of Ozanam Industries, said the campaign was as much about education as it was a self-promotional exercise.

“We believe that the more that we can educate the decision makers in the market that people with disabilities have the skills and training necessary to perform all types of work, the more that companies will see the benefit in supporting a community-based organisation like Ozanam Industries.”