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Prioritize Professional and Personal Goal Setting

Join Marketing Eye founder, Mellissah Smith, with Marketing Eye’s Morgan Doyle and Strategy to Revenue’s Robert Fox on personal and professional goal setting. Learn the importance and value that setting both personal and professional goals will have on both areas of your life. Find an accountability mentor or colleague, to make sure you’re achieving those goals and that you’re continually setting the bar higher for yourself. Watch the video to become a goal achiever.

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Attracting and Empowering Employees

Ensure the best for your recruits by perfecting your on-boarding process. Is the salary number your only utilized tool for benefit negotiation? Learn what candidates are looking for and how to best utilize other negotiation options, such as remote work, paid time off, etc. Secure the candidate to employee lifecycle for your business with optimized negotiation tactics and accurate candidate offers. Watch our video discussion to learn best practices.

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Sales Enablement

Sales professionals are key assets to your business goals, so how do you best utilize them to guarantee an ROI? Strategy to Revenue’s Robert Fox brings experienced insight into sales enablement and how to best develop your sales team to advance their skills. Learn about key tools and resources, to increase your sales team’s efficiency and ultimately drive success for your business in this video.

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Onboarding A New Hire Can Be A Huge Success or A Huge Mess

Onboarding can be a dicey process. How do we screen candidates to ensure that they are a right fit for our company? It is no easy process; however, we can be methodical in our approach to searching for new employees. It’s imperative that we use the right aptitude tests to survey their skills and have personable conversations to ensure they fit with the company culture. Watch as founder Mellissah Smith and Robotic Marketer Director Steven Jackson dialogue about the importance of the on-boarding process.

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Developing an Overarching Game Plan for Your Business

RAMS All-time Rushing Leader and Robotic Marketer Director, Steven Jackson, joins us to discuss how forming a game-plan can prepare our business for success. See key insights and strategies that your team can implement so that it is ready for the future.

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How to Reset Your Business for 2020

2020 is on the horizon. Instead of scrambling to prepare for Q1 you should reset your business. Watch founder Mellissah Smith and Marketing Manager Morgan Doyle discuss tactics to give your business a head start for the new year. Plan for the unexpected and utilize the full potential of a strategic marketing plan.

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Is Your Business Optimizing Its Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy should be a key component of every marketing tactic. Is this video we’ve created a strategic emphasis on content marketing strategy. What areas should you be focusing on? What channels are building your business and what channels need to be cut? Find out this and more as we discuss various topics behind content marketing strategies.

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Why a Marketing Strategy is Necessary for Your Business

Last week we covered the importance of the content you are delivering to your target audience. This week we’ve taken a step back to explore the broader framework of marketing strategies. How are they different from a marketing plan? Find out this and more as we detail the importance of marketing strategies and how you can implement them in your business.


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How to Keep Up In The Age of Video Marketing

Video marketing is an invaluable resource in our marketing strategy. People today are spending a third of their time: watching online video content. If we are keeping our target audience in mind that means we must be migrating toward this platform. Watch to see how large corporations and small businesses alike can pursue customers through video marketing.

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Practices To Consider When Implementing An Email Marketing Campaign