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The horrific collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge has such a devastating effect on the Maryland community. We work closely with a local Baltimore company and upon hearing the news, immediately felt the need to reach out and let the community of Baltimore know that everyone is thinking about them, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected. We cannot imagine what it is like for the families and loved ones of the six people still missing after a cargo ship struck the bridge early Tuesday morning, and those who have already been rescued.

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Tuesday, 05 March 2024 17:31

Forrest Contact

Forrest Contact is an Australian contact centre specialising in customer experience solutions. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including lead generation, telemarketing, BPO and customer service, to help businesses achieve their sales and marketing objectives.

Marketing Eye had the opportunity to design and market the rebrand of the organisation's image, transitioning from "Forrest Marketing Group" to "Forrest Contact". This rebranding was undertaken to establish a renewed identity and stronger positioning of Forrest Contact as a comprehensive contact centre service provider. Additionally, Marketing Eye facilitated the development of several iterations of their new logo and developed redesigns for their Letterhead, Business Card, PowerPoint Template, and other collateral materials.


Free 90x50mm Business Card Mockup 1

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What does International Women's Day mean to you as a female leader in your field?

Connection and Reflection

Up until recent years my time has been so absorbed raising my 3 children and trying to learn and establish a business, so it’s only in the recent years’ time has allowed me to take time to pause, connect and reflect.

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Marketing strategies tailored for Gen Z and Millennials require distinct approaches due to the different characteristics, values, and media consumption habits of these two generations. Both groups are technologically savvy, but their preferences and behaviors can greatly influence the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, especially in lifestyle products like sunglasses. Here's a comparison of strategies that could be effective for each group: 
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With the marketing sector experiencing rapid shifts, reaching your target audience and raising awareness about your cause is crucial for any non-profit organization. But working with a tight marketing budget can make things challenging to compete with larger businesses for online visibility. 

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The surge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unmistakably altering the core of marketing strategies today. This shift towards personalization is not just a new strategy but a necessity for businesses aiming to forge deeper connections with their audience. By leveraging AI, marketers are now creating experiences uniquely tailored to individual preferences, revolutionizing customer engagement in the process.

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