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Thursday, 16 December 2021 13:19

How The Metaverse Will Redefine Graphic Design

The new concept of the “Metaverse” is almost impossible to wrap your head around. With various new technologies and platforms coming onto the market every day, keeping up with the newest ones is becoming progressively more difficult. Movies such as “Ready Player One” and “The Matrix” have already defined “the metaverse” for moviegoers and the endless interactive possibilities this new virtual territory could entail. These movies display to their audiences that anything that one can imagine, can be created in the metaverse.

Allowing us to establish extended experiences from our real lives. The parallel divide between real and metaverse life, once a futuristic dream, is coming to life right in front of our eyes. Yet the question is, are the marketing, communication, and design industries ready for such a drastic change in the way we consume media and technology? 

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October 28 was the day that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced to the world his plan to rebrand his company under a new name: Meta. This change signals the company’s intention to become a controlling powerhouse in the Metaverse. While you may not have known much about the Metaverse previously, now is the time to learn as its effect on marketing will have ripple effects throughout the entire industry. Given the ability of the Metaverse to combine the real and the online world, it will change the way that consumers behave. Consequentially, this will change the way that they both consume and respond to content marketing. Before we discuss the effects on marketing, let’s talk about what the Metaverse actually is.

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Firstly, what does the anatomy of the perfect marketing team look like in 2022? There should be a team leader, strategist, content creators, web designer, PR expert and social media marketer. Appoint individuals in your team to these positions to guarantee your team is organized, efficient and effective in achieving your marketing goals of 2022. Secondly, ensure all team members are well-versed in social media skills and specific trends coming into the new year. 

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What Is a Marketing Strategy and Why Is it important?

Firstly, a marketing strategy refers to the goals the company needs to achieve through its marketing efforts. Specifically, the strategic stage of your campaign involves your marketing team deciding what your overall business purpose is; why you are running this campaign. Elements of a marketing strategy include ‘what offering you will deliver, who you will deliver it to, how you will deliver it and who your competitors are’. Fully understanding and reminding your marketing team what your strategy entails is an essential element to running a successful marketing campaign.

Now that we have outlined why it is essential that your marketing team perfects your strategy, why is 2022 the best year to perform this? 2022 has been deemed the ‘new world’ ensuing from the global pandemic. Covid-19 has irrevocably altered the marketing and business sector, and the values your company should present to customers.  Lockdown and isolation caused ‘emotions to run high’ which in turn placed an importance on personal interactions with brands.  During a time of such uncertainty, the humanization of brands was comforting to consumers.

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Wednesday, 01 December 2021 10:03

10 Tips to Plan Your Marketing For 2022

As 2021 comes to an end and 2022 is just around the corner, brainstorming ways to make your business's marketing strategy a standout in the new year is crucial. If you have ever spent any time in the world of marketing, you know that the trends and strategies are constantly changing and evolving, as keeping up with today’s technologies continues to be the biggest challenge. So, as we prepare for the new year, here are 10 ways your company can implement the best marketing trends into your strategy for 2022. 

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