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Thursday, 26 March 2020 14:57

The Power of Marketing Eye Web Services

A good website is much more than a digital storefront. While brick-and-mortar storefronts have slowly been phasing out, a customized website shouldn’t merely replace your physical location. A comprehensive, customized website should tell the story of your product, your brand, and your company in a way that draws in your audience and sells them on the experience you provide. Every company has a story that deserves to be told, and a company website is one of the greatest storytelling opportunities that a company has. Marketing Eye has successfully designed, developed, and managed over 300 websites and counting.

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Monday, 23 March 2020 16:27

Arista Consulting Group - Consulting

Arista Consulting Group creates custom benefits solutions designed to increase retention, accelerate recruitment, and reduce costs. Arista's retirement and benefits solutions meet the needs of AEC firms and school systems across the country, providing a dynamic, dependable, and simplified benefits solution for the workforce in these industries. At Arista, they believe in the power of financial security and what it can do for the productivity and profitability of an organization. Arista needed a marketing partner to provide marketing support through brand messaging, brand positioning, marketing collateral, and EDM campaigns. 

Marketing Eye began by focusing on several brochures and other marketing collateral pieces before developing strategic EDM campaigns, focusing on generating sales and brand awareness. Because Arista works within the AEC and K-12 school spaces, Marketing Eye worked to provide a deeper focus and more specific keys to the brand messaging. Our team has worked to develop a stronger brand for Arista to develop better customer relationships and more conversions in the future. With our marketing consultancy services, Arista had an opportunity to generate more specific, targeted brand messaging, allowing them to provides services with a professional and modern tone. 

Arista 2

Arista 3
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Monday, 23 March 2020 16:15

Rep-Lite - Medical Device - Sales

Rep-Lite provides medical manufacturer support services to help address challenges that industry professionals continue to face in the medical supply industry. Marketing Eye worked with Rep-Lite to complete redesign their website to give it an modern and sleek feel to make it easier to convey their overall brand message.

Rep Lite 2

The harmful effects of COVID-19 have become much more than physical. Everything is changing for businesses because of lockdowns, event cancellations, and the prescribed social distancing to prevent any further spread of the virus. While this is an unprecedented turn of events, it’s not the end of everything for small to medium-sized businesses. It’s more important than ever for companies to put their best foot forward. But with all of the obstacles and challenges that businesses are facing now, what can they do to stay afloat? The best way to keep your business alive in times like this is a strong and comprehensive content marketing strategy.

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Friday, 20 March 2020 16:18

Introducing Your Team to Remote Work

Working remotely is one of the greatest challenges that a company can face, but it can also be a great opportunity for the company and the employees. As the traditional office space becomes a thing of the past, aided by the recent spread of COVID-19, more businesses are trying to adjust to remote work than ever before. Depending on what industry your company is in, this will either be a seamless transition or a very difficult one. How does a remote team operate? Below, we go into detail on what to expect as your team begins to work from home.

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Digitally savvy customers are expecting more from the companies that are trying to sell to them. It isn’t enough to offer a product they need – today’s customer is looking for a simple, intuitive solution to their complex problems. They know that while you may offer the product they need, there are at least 10 other companies who can provide that product as well. So how can marketers implement an advanced lead generation strategy to attract new leads? Below, we have 4 ways that businesses can improve their lead generation strategies to attract more leads.

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Automated marketing tools have evolved over the last few decades, giving generations of marketers new and innovative ways to engage with their customers. That’s not going to stop anytime soon. Automated marketing technology continues to advance rapidly. And over the next few years, it’ll change the way people experience your brand and interact with your company.

I think we are entering the age of the customer experience platform.

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Everyone in the professional world has email. For many companies, it’s their primary avenue of communication. Marketers have been using email marketing campaigns for years, pushing products, events, and anything else they want their audience to engage with. If the majority of people are checking their email every day (most are checking multiple times a day), why aren’t your campaigns working? While it might seem that email marketing as a whole just doesn’t work, but it might just be that your processes are out of date. Engaging with your audience is like a game of chess: it requires a lot of strategy and planning, as well as the flexibility to adapt your approach when things don’t work. Below, we have 5 email marketing practices that don’t work anymore.

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As a marketing professional, you often think about creating an emotional connection with your audience. And for good reason. Emotion can direct attention, deepen engagement and drive behavior. But can you articulate how your marketing assets trigger emotional responses?


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Thursday, 12 March 2020 10:04

Everylogistic - Logistics has revolutionised the way suppliers and customers deal and interact with one another. Whether you are a supplier seeking leads or a customer needing to send freight, Everylogistics has an easy solution for you. They have created a simple way for suppliers to drive business for a fraction of the price spent on standard marketing initiatives. Everylogistics has developed a way customers can obtain competitive freight quotes, all at the click of a button. Marketing Eye worked with Everylogistics to capitalize on their new business model with new branding and website to help propel their business.

Every Logistics 3

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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 17:38

Innovent CRM - Technology | CRM

Innovent is driven by the desire to develop solutions that bring superior functionality and work flow processes to its clients. This is achieved by challenging existing software limitations in order to unleash new and improved solutions that seamlessly integrate into an organisation’s existing work processes. Marketing Eye collaborated with Innovent to create innovate content and design collateral to help them further expand their business and market their solution.

Innovent CRM 1

Innovent brochure

Innovent brochure2

Innovent brochure3

Innovent cover 2
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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 17:28

McCredie - Retail - Project Management

McCredie Group specialize in the seamless delivery of retail and business projects with expertise in project management, design documentation and cost management solutions. With 90 years of industry experience, they provide expert advice for the construction and retail sectors.  Marketing Eye was engaged by McCredie Group to design and develop their new website. This website has been the key to a successful digital presence in their marketing strategy with McCredie Group being able to showcase their projects and communicate their positioning clearly to clients. This was also made possible because of the key messaging that Marketing Eye developed in the initial marketing strategy stage.

In order to develop themselves as a strong leader in the industry, Marketing Eye developed a billboard campaign and information brochures that were on brand.

mcc bus stop billboard

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Abbott Storage Systems provide turnkey storage solutions to the commercial and industrial market. Marketing Eye worked with Abbott to modernize their collateral to keep with needs of their clients and growing business.
When initially approached by Anywhere Auctions the company was a start-up. Providing a revolutionary idea to deliver property auctions online, live. The platform allows users for watch and participate on a mobile or computer device, whilst also providing users the availability to research property and complete purchases with electronic contractual signing. The foundation of Marketing Eye’s personalized strategy was to create and build brand awareness. As an extension of the strategy personalized branding assets were designed and implemented to help promote and create a deep branding positioning. As part of the brand story by Marketing Eye, we developed videos of their auctions and social media graphics to embed into their online platforms and showcase their auctions.

Anywhere Actions2
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Utility Software Services, a consulting firm specifically for energy retailers. They service all businesses from start-up to well established firms, by providing back and front office functions of the business as well as energy consulting and transformation services.  Utility Software Services engaged with Marketing Eye to help them move to a  new direction by engaging with target audiences more effectively. A range of material was created including key messaging for web and online presences as well as all corresponding marketing material such as EDMs. We also ensured and maintained the social media accounts as part of the digital marketing strategy.

Marketing Eye was responsible for all EDM and social media management, all content was consistent with the brands story and key messaging that we developed for the website, and ensured the clients were engaging with the brand through posts, comments and likes.

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Delivery Quote Compare is a successful online transportation platform that is well established in the U.K but relatively unknown to the Australian market. Delivery Quote Compare engaged Marketing Eye to create their marketing strategy for them based on the Australian target market. Marketing Eye revamped their website and tailored the messaging to the Australian audience while also acting as a outsourced marketing agency for the Delivery Quote Compare business.


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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 16:48

CFI Global/Denso - Technology | Scanner

CFI Global is an Australian wholesale distributor of DENSO scanners, QR code readers and printing technologies. They provide turnkey solutions for logistics and supply chain, retail, healthcare, events, security and hospitality industries and meet the client’s needs and budget. Marketing Eye has worked closely with CFI Global to develop a rebranding solution, which included a new brand logo and corresponding branding for all marketing collateral. The design and brand work we created, portrays an updated, modern take on CFI Global as a provider of cutting-edge technology in the scanning and IT industry. The collateral created also provides clients with a comprehensive coherent understanding of the services and products CFI Global provide.
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Qube’s vision was to be the leading provider of integrated logistics solutions in Australia, in order to reach this vision, they embarked on the services of the outsourced marketing department of Marketing Eye. The services provided included a new branding strategy and development of print materials such as brochures, booklets and business cards to help build brand awareness, contributing to Qube becoming the largest integrated provider of import and export logistics services.  

As an already leading logistics company, we needed to focus on Qube’s execution and delivery of their services to help inform, educate, and expand their clientele. We leveraged their services to provide visually appealing and information marketing material, which could be used to help spread the brand.





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Marketing Eye was engaged by Auscontact as an ongoing outsourced marketing department. Marketing Eye created the marketing strategy using Robotic Marketer and created the branding and visual identity of the Auscontact Excellence Awards, plus regular marketing collateral for Auscontact. Auscontact has found an increase in members, a passion for contact centres and an emergence in interest in the contact centre industry. The re-branding exercise has been an integral part of the Auscontact Marketing strategy increasing customer awareness, excitement and participation.

Auscontact Association2

Auscontact Association3
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As the number one stevedoring, transport and logistics provider in North Queensland, NSS needed the help of an outsourced marketing team to develop a new brand story campaign. Marketing Eye used its expertise to create the branding and website development for NSS. The branding included the creation and design of print work ranging from brochures to calendars and advertising in magazine publications.

In order to showcase the brand and its extensive resources, aesthetically pleasing visuals and info print were developed as the driver for the marketing strategy. This supported NSS’s claims as the leading logistics provider in Northern Queensland by highlighting their achievements and advertising their achievements.



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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 15:41

MTI - Technology - Transportation

MTI (Mobile Technologies International) is a privately-owned global company, which manufacture and provide innovative technology solutions. Their pride themselves on being technology innovators and with equipping their clients with the latest and best dispatch and booking technology.  

Whilst they are market leaders in the tech industry, they needed a market leader in marketing, to provide them with and level up their marketing campaigns. Marketing Eye has been working with MTI extensively on everything from branding and website development through to marketing materials. We were able to help MTI reach their goals through consistent branding and the creation of sales decks and marketing collateral. As their outsourced marketing team, we designed an awareness building strategy by implemented advertising campaigns, public relations and communications.  

Mti 2
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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 15:38

ROM Control - Building Services

Rom Control specialize in repairing and refurbishing industrial, electronic, and process control equipment. We worked with the team to develop content and create more brand awareness.  

As the outsourced marketing team, Marketing Eye invoked a rebranding strategy that would prove to be integral to increase their branding awareness. The strategy included a redesign of their website and creation of promotional marketing print assets. These assets showcased the work Rom Com has achieved whilst also being informative promotional marketing collateral for the company.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020 15:24

Thomas USAF - Finance

Thomas USAF Group offers its clients a unique advantage in that we are a major player in both the government guaranteed lending space as well as the secondary market. With over $4 Billion in loans originated and purchased, Thomas USAF prides itself on the value they add to their clients’ experience. Marketing Eye did a complete overhaul design of Thomas USAF's website to better communicate their abilities and brand to the target market in the financial sector.

Thomas USAF 2
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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 14:30

InsightSeekers - Customer Relations

InsightSeekers collects honest and personalized reviews from customers through an anonymous feedback forum. InsightSeekers unveil transparent reviews that deliver honest, genuine and in-depth feedback of the customers who frequent an establishment. With this innovative and creative process of data collection, InsightSeekers will help restaurant owners to better connect with their customers.

Marketing Eye worked with InsightSeekers to completely create a new brand and website that will bring awareness and excitement to InsightSeeker brand using creative branding and visual elements. Our team developed specific pieces of marketing collateral as well as a new website to generate leads and brand awareness. 

InsightSeekers 3  

Insight Seekers 2
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Connectivity Wireless is in the business of solving complex wireless infrastructure problems. They apply best-practice methodology into all aspects of designing, building and maintaining your wireless system. Their in-house team of experts is uniquely qualified and specially trained to oversee all aspects of the wireless project to ensure simplicity and ease for their customers so that they can bring superior connectivity to theirs. As a full-service wireless provider, Connectivity in-house team of experts and flexible funding options mark a key differentiation in-building wireless integrator solutions.

Marketing Eye assisted Connectivity with several refreshed and new creations of collateral to assist in the growth of their business and provide key tools for their sales team including e-book, sales sheets, and other support collateral.

Connectivity Wireless 2

Connectivity 3
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Tuesday, 10 March 2020 17:23

How Coronavirus Could Affect Your Company

The effects of the coronavirus panic go far beyond the physical worry and anxiety that people are experiencing. While COVID-19 is certainly a potential health hazard looming on the horizon, it’s currently already affecting the workplace. Companies all over the country are trying to think of creative new ways to address the pandemic scare. Multiple events and conferences have already been canceled to prevent a further spread of coronavirus. Companies are already having to backpedal major promotional events, which could result in a massive hit to the companies sponsoring and attending these annual conferences. How can we address the concerns of our employees, while still continuing to operate as usual?

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Monday, 09 March 2020 15:04

The Basics of Live Video


Implementing a live video experience for your brand is an incredible opportunity to bring your audience together. Whether you are filming product demonstrations or a roundtable interview, your audience can use your live broadcast as an opportunity to stay informed on what your business is doing. There are plenty of platforms available to produce your live broadcast, so it’s easier than ever for companies to do this. Below, we have a few pointers for businesses to consider before implementing a live video experience.


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Google Analytics is a crucial part of any online marketer’s toolbox.

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“At this point, what isn’t digital?” said Jennifer Fey, the senior vice president of digital media for Firewood when asked how her global digital marketing agency works with clients undergoing digital transformation. “It’s easy to be glib about this, but really, everything we touch that may seem like an ‘old school program’ or be structured as ‘offline’ still has a digital component.”

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Most Google My Business Scheduler tools will offer a bunch of other really useful features alongside creating and scheduling of posts.

Google My Business has gained some serious popularity among big businesses and social media marketers in the past few years and it looks like small businesses are catching up really fast as well.

Google My Business, in a nutshell, is a free SEO tool offered by Google that helps you get your business registered and discoverable in local search results and Google Maps. You can also manage how people will view your business.

You can add your business namelocationworking hourscontact number, website address, and even link your Google Play Store app if you have one. Google My Business uses all of this info to make it super easy for potential customers to find your business.

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Every company needs a marketing strategy to plan for the future. A strategy works as a sort of road map for all of your marketing activations throughout time. But what exactly goes into these strategies? For a lot of companies 2020, automation and personalization of content is going to be the next big step in marketing tactics. Trends change every year, and companies need to understand the next big step. We reached out to a few friends to weigh in on what every marketing strategy needs in 2020.


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