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Thursday, 31 May 2018 11:36

The Key to Being a Successful Sales Rep

It’s true, business development and sales jobs aren't for everyone. To be successful in a sales role, the right person has to have a certain level of competitiveness within them.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018 12:18

Ditch the What, Find the Why

So many companies today are confused. We live in a fiercely competitive corporate jungle, where brands are wielding their innovative products and technology and fighting their way to the top. Somewhere in that struggle to be “the best” contender, the gap between the company and consumer was widened - leaving an alarming dissonance and a question: what does the consumer really connect to?

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Do you ever feel like you are always saying the wrong thing at work? The last thing anyone wants to be is the unprofessional person in the office.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 14:55

The Lie About Leadership

Do you ever wonder whether or not you are being the best leader you can be in your workplace? Could your company have higher ROI’s and greater efficiency if you tweaked your leadership style a bit? Do you have to change who you are for the sake of success?

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Did you know that online consumers can only retain 10 to 20% of the information they read or hear about, but once you combine the data with visual elements, the data retained goes up to 65%?

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In this day and age, there are so many brilliant ideas out there it can feel overwhelming. What is the key to staying ahead of the game and leading the pack in terms of innovation? While some may argue that it can all be attributed to generous funding or technological advancements, the real key is a creative toolkit for insight generation.  

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While all business owners would love to have the entire world need their offerings, marketing to that many people is not only unrealistic, it’s also ineffective. Believe it or not, narrowing down your target audience is actually one of the best ways to improve your sales.

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Happy Business Birthday to you! Regardless of how long your company has been operating, each successful business year is a reason to celebrate.
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As a business owner, marketing may not be your first priority, but it should be. Today, having a marketing plan for your business is as critical as having a phone number.
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Monday, 07 May 2018 14:53

Robotic Marketer - Technology

For the last few years, Mellissah Smith has a partnered with Queensland University of
Technology (the recent winners of the Amazon Robotics Competition) to build a ‘Robotic
Marketer’. Replacing a team of human beings, Robotic Marketer will develop marketing
strategies in minutes, not months, using a combination of machine learning from more than
200 marketing strategies and marketing workshops, artificial intelligence, big data, scraping,
and science.

Robotic Businesscard

For more than 14 years, Mellissah's international marketing firm, Marketing Eye, has been
developing marketing strategies for their clients. These strategies are 40 to 50 pages in length
and take around 30 to 40 hours of marketing executives time, plus 20 to 50 hours of a
marketing intern’s time.

Completely self-funded. Mellissah has decided that her clients and connections deserve to have
the best possible marketing strategies for 2018/19 robot-possible. That means the robot developed
strategies will be more in-depth, provide deeper and more meaningful research, and will deliver
marketing plans that will deliver the highest possible return on investment for her clients.

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RM 4

RM 5

RM 6
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Thursday, 03 May 2018 14:58

5 Daily Habits of Successful Marketers

As marketing professionals, no day ever goes as planned. That doesn’t mean we don’t all have some daily routine we try to follow.
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Tuesday, 01 May 2018 09:45

Mastering the Art of the Google Search

Google conducts over 3.5 billion searches every single day. Odds are, you use Google many times throughout your day. With its advanced algorithms, Google is pretty good at finding the answers to your questions, however, every once in a while, Google doesn’t quite understand what you are looking for.

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