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Thursday, 30 June 2016 10:17

Oh Honey, You Do NOT Have The Eye…

Your third eye, it’s real.

In Buddhism, your third eye, often denoted as a small dot between the eyebrows, is a representation of your minds eye. Many followers of the religion also believe the eye to be a representation of wisdom. Some Hindu philosophers view “the eye”, as an extrasensory perception, that is, being able to see things in your daily life not plain to the naked eye. In other words, the eye allows you to look beyond what you see.

In business, as in both the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, it’s important to open up your third eye; In my line of work, we call that your Marketing Eye.

What does that mean?
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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 10:05

Introverts vs. Extroverts in the Workplace

The difference between an Introvert vs. Extrovert is commonly misinterpreted. Most people believe that introversion goes hand and hand with being shy while extroversion goes hand and hand with being outgoing. That is not necessarily the case. Being an introvert or an extrovert stems from your energy not just your personality traits.

Offices are filled with numerous different personalities. It can often be difficult to mesh well with others that possess different characteristics than you. You must learn to overcome adversity in the workplace.
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Tuesday, 28 June 2016 11:18

Health And Fitness For The Working Human

Eating healthy is hard, there is always some delicious treat that tempts us. Working out is even harder. Who wants to do something that hurts or takes a lot of time? And time, who has the time to work out on a daily basis? Not the average working human.
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Monday, 27 June 2016 14:59

Here Is Why Your Brand Is Amazing

We hear this all the time from clients:

“My product and/or service is amazing!
It has so many capabilities and endless possibilities- it can do this and it can do that…
We need to do this and we need to do that right now!”

While the end product is in fact amazing, these entrepreneurs are so head deep into their product that it consumes them. It consumes them so much to which they have lost sight of their initial goal. Establishing their brand. Yes, it’s great that your product does so many things and will be able to do much more in the future, but ask yourself “Is my brand well known right now?” if you answered no then take a step back and focus on pushing out current content that tells your brand story. Once your product has traction then you can start releasing and pushing out new content.
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Friday, 24 June 2016 10:16

Exercise Balls In The Workplace

Let your inner kid come out by purchasing an exercise ball for the workplace. This new trend has been circulating in workplaces all over the country. Many people are replacing their standard desk chairs with exercise balls. However, there have been mixed reviews about these oversized “bouncy balls” as I call them. Do they really help your posture, your core and your attention or is this all just a myth? Are they for everyone? Do they cause back pains? I have done some digging and this is what I have discovered.
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Thursday, 23 June 2016 09:05

Find What You Love And Do That

When it comes to working, so many people are stuck doing a job they don’t even enjoy. It’s hard when you are in college and all of a sudden have to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. You think about money first, then maybe what you were good at in high school (math, science, writing, etc.), and that’s about all you have to go off of.
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Wednesday, 22 June 2016 09:19

When You're Restless At Work

Some days, for whatever reason, office workers find it extremely difficult to focus on any actual work. These are the days we turn to our coworkers and social media streams for entertainment, anything to take our minds off of our very necessary daily tasks we have to perform. Obviously, straying from the work in front of us is an ineffective form of procrastination, but hopefully these tips can ease the restlessness and get you back to work.
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Tuesday, 21 June 2016 11:53

Creating a Lead Magnet

We’ve all heard the expression “money is in the list,” and it’s true. So, to build the list what is your best tool? I’m a fan of the lead magnet. A lead magnet is defined as an irresistible and ethical bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. Creating a good lead magnet is different than just creating something. It has to be relevant to what you eventually want to sell, and it has to be of value to your audience.
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Monday, 20 June 2016 08:47

#MinoritiesMatter in Marketing

Have you ever picked up a magazine and counted the amount of faces in it that looked like yours? Have you ever walked by a store, peering in the windows to try and find a model larger than a size 6? Or maybe you’ve leafed through a catalog trying to find people that at least seem like you?
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Being gluten free is a trend that has been getting more and more popular recently. Some are doing it as a diet just trying to cut some unwanted fat out of their lives, whiles others have to because they are allergic or intolerant to it. Either way gluten free options are beginning to pop up everywhere you look.

What is gluten? It is a protein that is found mainly in wheat that provides elasticity to the dough. When you think about how many things are made with wheat flour, it already cuts out a lot of the normal everyday food a person might eat. Say goodbye to bread, most cereals, cookies, and pasta. Now these are just the things we know contain flour, but gluten can be in other foods as well where flour is absent.
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Thursday, 16 June 2016 09:31

Making Your Mark

Whether you are a fresh start-up or looking to rebrand your company now that things have finally slowed down, logo design plays a big part in the marketing equation. Although it is one of the tougher parts of marketing to quantify, forgetting about your logo can be a hidden anchor that holds your marketing efforts back. Taking the time to really dig for a creative design or revisit your logo can pay big dividends. Here are five insights that will give structure and intention to your logo design process.
Wednesday, 15 June 2016 11:31

In Times Of Tragedy, Our Country Unites

In times of tragedy, our country unites. The Orlando shooting, classified as the deadliest mass shooting in the US has been mourned by people all over the nation. Glued to our TV’s, computers we all watched as this tragedy unfolded. In times like these it is important as a marketer to be certain you comment/ recognize the situation delicately. You don’t want to be perceived as insensitive or as ignoring the current issues. Pay attention to how others have reacted and use your influence in a positive way.
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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two biggest names when it comes to soccer. The rivalry between them has created some of the best match ups the sport has ever seen. Records are broken every week and a hat trick is something that is expected every game, not just on rare occasions.

The two completely conquer the athletic world. With a combined 138 million Facebook fans, they have the largest followings of any athletes. The two clubs they play for, Real Madrid and Barcelona, are some of the most profitable teams in the world. When the two clubs come together, the clash between them is known as “El Clasico,” being viewed by about three times the amount people who watch the Super Bowl. It truly is a clash of kings.
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Monday, 13 June 2016 09:58

Trust Me, They Can Hear You Just Fine

Marketing to seniors isn’t old news; however, just like the millennial generation and generation X, senior citizens are adapting and evolving to marketing tactics more quickly than we give them credit. It can be tough to effectively communicate your message to them because they were born into a different time, but are also a part of today’s ever-changing world.

You can’t afford to just look past this powerful demographic, even if senior citizens take longer than your average consumer to make a buying decision. This well-aged group has 77% of the wealth in the United States. To get you on your way, here are five tips that can help you engage those seniors.
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Friday, 10 June 2016 09:21

Why Kylie Jenner Is A Marketing Master

Here’s a challenge:

Try and scroll through your ‘trending’ list for an entire week, on any one of your social media platforms, without seeing a Kardashian, a Kardashian-West, or a Jenner. If you succeed, you’re either lying to yourself, or you deserve a cookie.
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Thursday, 09 June 2016 09:08

Culture: A System of Values and Beliefs

A bride in India has her hands painted with henna two nights before her wedding. In Chile it is socially acceptable and preferred to arrive late to events. In Japan the number four is avoided at all costs for the similarity in sound to their word meaning “for death.” Being interrupted while speaking is common and not considered rude in Brazil.
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Wednesday, 08 June 2016 10:30

Get Your Google Analytics Certification

Recently we posted a blog telling Marketers to “Step Your Game Up.” This blog points out the first order of business was to get you Google Analytics Certification. I’m guessing you didn’t run right out and do that.

Information on visitor behavior is vital to the success of any website. I know we all use Google Analytics everyday. If your day is like mine you have coffee, go through emails, then check Analytics. You understand the program, you understand what you are looking at. Why are you not certified? Lazy? Think it doesn’t matter? The following are 4 major reasons to just take the time and get your certification.
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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 09:56

Work Life Balance

Many people struggle with balancing work and their social life. We are often contemplating between choosing the concert after work, drinks with a friend or staying late at the office. Finding the perfect balance can often times be challenging.
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I don't really like speaking at "all women" conferences. I am definitely not a gender specific person. I think every person is equal and should be treated likewise.

In fact, I think men now have it harder than women. With all of these mandates that say women should hold 50% of the positions on boards, many will now be overlooked even if they are better qualified, with more experience and capable of bringing more to the table.

But the fact of the matter is, many women have been overlooked for years. It's kind of pay back time - but I am not sure society is doing it right.
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Friday, 03 June 2016 09:49

Is It Time For A New Profile Picture?

Picture this: You’re downloading a new app. You hit the “get started” button and you’re asked to enter your name, birthday (so you can receive a ‘Happy Birthday’ text of course), and email address. You move on to the next step. Now, you’re asked to upload a profile picture. 15 minutes of life pass you by, and you’re still scrolling through your gallery trying to find the perfect picture. The one that shows you from the waist up, with good lighting, and highlights your best features. Why do we this? Because we grew up hearing the adage A picture is worth a thousand words, and we don’t want to say the wrong thing.
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Thursday, 02 June 2016 09:07

Own Your Own Marketing Eye

Some careers give you everything; fulfillment, work/life balance, monetary compensation and the ability to own your own business. Marketing Eye licensing does just that. If you are a marketing or communications manager, looking to reach the next level, then we have the answer for you.
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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 12:32

Hey Marketers, Step Your Game Up!

“Success doesn’t just come and find you. You have to go out and get it.” –Kushandwizdom.

Marketing is evolving and changing everyday. We at Marketing Eye can’t stress enough about how it is important it is to keep educating yourself as a marketer. It is especially important in this new age with technology popping up left and right, and rising generations that are driven solely by the digital universe. We understand the challenge and we want to help you, so below are a few ways to help you step your game up as a certified badass marketer.
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